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Your first step when choosing the right braid is to look at pictures of braided hairstyles. This will help you decided which style you want to have done. There are many types of braids for African hair, and choosing the right one can sometimes be difficult. You want to make sure you choose the right one because most of the braided styles stay in for quite some time. This article will briefly explain the different types of braids so that you will have a better idea what you might be looking for.

Cornrow braids are typically one and a half inches wide. They are braided in a way that makes them lie flat against the head, and are braided from the forehead to the nape of the neck. Countless hairstyles incorporate cornrow braids including extensions and several formal hairstyles. The time it takes to complete cornrows depends on the design that you are having done. They are very easy to maintain, and a great hairstyle for someone who does not have much time to devote to their hair in the morning.

Zigzag braids are done in the same way as cornrows, but are braided in a zigzag pattern. You can choose a design or you can draw up your own. Many celebrities have created their own designs and named them after themselves.

Zigzag braids are more complex than standard cornrows, which is why it takes a little longer to complete this hairstyle.

Box braids are divided by small square boxes and can be done in any length or width. Synthetic hair can be added to give the hairstyle length, fullness, and thickness. This type of braid is not attached to the scalp so it can be manipulated into many hairstyles. They are very easy to maintain. The length of time it takes to complete this style depends on many different factors such as the length of your hair, if you are adding synthetic hair and the stylist that is doing the hairstyle.

Micro braids are another great braided hairstyle that can be done with African hair. In fact, it is most commonly done in African hair because African hair holds the braids better. This style is most commonly done by professionals because the braids are so small that they are difficult to complete. Invisible braids are similar to micro braids but they are smaller. They are so small that sometimes this braid is mistaken for strands of hair. It can take hours to complete both of these hairstyles. However, invisible braids take longer because there are more braids to complete.

You can find pictures of braided hairstyle in many different places. Several websites feature photos of braided hairstyles. Another great resource is magazines because there are many models that are sporting braided hairstyles. You can take pictures to your local salon and have the stylist duplicate the style in the picture.

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  • Love it!! all the styles are beautiful and inspiring. Im from a small town in Arkansas and there are many girls that braid hair here. However, the knots that are at the roots of the extensions of cornrows are not so invisible like the awesome pictures I’ve seen on this site,how is that “seamless” look acheived?

  • You certainly have acheived that goal! I am so excited and a little “proud” to see the beautiful array of cornrows and other braid styles. I am considered to be a conservative black woman, age thirty and in a biracial marriage and culture, at the same time my husband and I find that braids look quite sexxy on me. I rarely get them because of time and and I usually rock long straight hair. Tommorow I have an appointment for cornrow extensions… Gonna look like ‘the best he ever had'(lol)

  • I am loving my hair now. Wanted to cut coz got no idea but I can now play around with my cute long natural African hair. Thanx…

  • My parents are from Liberia, so while growing up I always had cornrows, whether they were with extension or with my hair–I hated them. I either wanted single plats or none at all.

    Throughout the duration of my lifetime thus far, I’ve had my hair natural, dreaded, with twists, and now it’s been relaxed again for almost three years. I was beginning to see why I resisted the creamy-crack for so long so just today I decided to cornrow my hair and grow it out. It was the perfect decision.

    And though my mother lives on the other side of the continent too far to do them for me, I was able to find a woman who did. And guess what, she just happened to be Liberian.

    Thanks for this post–I’m excited to try more styles!

  • i luv this hairstyle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i think it will look so great on me!!!!!!!
    im gonna make my mom braid my hair in this hairstyle.
    i cant wait to see hat my hair will look like.

    piece out

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