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We are here to help you find the most popular black hair salons in Atlanta GA.  Finding the right salons in Atlanta, GA for black hair can be a long and hard journey.  After all, you won’t know for certain if you really love the salon until after you have gone in and gotten some work done yourself.  If you pick a good one you can go home happy, but if you pick a bad one that not only have you spent a lot of money, but you probably don’t like the way that your hair looks.  There are many ways to help you narrow down the good salons from the bad ones.

When you look for a good salon, the first thing that you should consider is the price.  Generally a higher priced salon is going to be able to pay their stylists more and therefore have better stylists overall.  However, you shouldn’t spend half your paycheck on a hairstyle.  Check out salon websites on the internet to see what they say about their prices.  If you can’t use the net, be old fashioned and use the yellow pages and your phone.  Most places are willing to give you price quotes right over the phone.


Next, you should see if there are any consumer ratings for the salons that you are considering.  You might look on a website like epinions.  The service Kuduz also covers Atlanta.  You can see what other people wrote about their salon experiences on that site.  Ask around too.  If you’re not too shy, walk up to a woman who has a hair style that you love and ask her where she got it done.  You might end up finding a great salon that you never knew about before.  Before you make an appointment at a salon, you can also go and check it out.  See how it looks and what the atmosphere is like.  If you’re planning on getting something major done, you might even be able to sit in the waiting room and see what people look like as they come out.  Some salons have fashion books available as well.

While the decision is ultimately yours, we feel that these are some of the most popular black hair salons in Atlanta, GA: Another Look Salon, Don Shaw Hair Dressers, Insignia Salon, Like the River Salon, Nubiance Salon Spa, Shine Salon and Spa, Taliah Waajid Natural Hair Care Center, and The Purple Door Salon.

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  • I’ve enjoyed the information this website offers. Would love to see if there’s a websit dedicated to announcing the need for new stylist, relocated stylist, stylist interns, etc. I am a recent graduate from Pivot Point International Academy in Illinois, relocating right outside Atlanta. Prospective salon listings would be great.

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