short black hair styles for weddings


Many short black hair styles for weddings are being used for summertime wedding dates. The woman who is choosing this style has probably thought of the hot sun and wants to keep her hair in check or out of her face. This is a special day and she may not want to take a chance of ruining it because the hairstyle failed.

You also have to think of the hundreds of pictures that will be taken. When the event starts you will not have time to whip out a mirror to check your look. Once the flashing lights of the cameras start going off you are stuck with what you have for that moment.

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  • Hi,

    HELP! I recently had african braids to the scalp put in my 14 inch hair. When I took the braids down I had a giant afro. I was please that my hair had grown about 3 inches. I went to the salon to get a shampoo and a natural style the salon owner shampooed my hair and it locked up in the back like dredlocks my hair went from midway my back to the top of my shoulders. Since this happened I see that the hair that broke of was the relaxed hair and the remaining hair is natural. What do you suggest? =-( I do not want another relaxer what is the best option for me?

  • @Elle
    Make sure all the relaxed hair is cut off and wear your hair in a natural twist style or you can try single braids or cornrows styles until your hair grows out some more. In the mean time join the Thirsty Roots community to get advice and support at

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