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Teyana Taylor Hairstyles

The big kinky and curly Teyana Taylor Hairstyles are a great modern twist for the 80s rendition of the “big teased hair”. Teyana Taylor’s hair, as  natural black hairstyles, is bold and sassy. You have to have confidence to pull off this type of hair look due to society views about hair. Teyana came on the scene showing that straight hair is not the only way to achieve a beautiful fierce hairstyle. Love this look.

There are mixed views on whether Teyana’s hair is real or weave, but whatever the case you can achieve this hair look with hair extensions. I came across a few styling tips:

We’d recommend two bags of Brazilian Wave in Color 1B. We would do one package of 18″ and one of 14″ to naturally recreate the layers worn by Teyana. Then we would do a full head of sewn-in extensions that leave a little of the hairline out.

To maintain this look become friends with affordable moisturizing products such as Cantu Shea Butter, Curls Milkshake or a oldie but goodie Hawaiian Silky 14 n 1. We’d twist out the hair in two strand twist to define and give the curl a uniform look. Then after it air dries lightly separate the curls with your fingers coated in a product such as Morrocan Oil or Argan Oil and then have fun!

Source: sunnyshairandwigs.blogspot.com


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