dreadlock hairstyles for black women

Came across some dreadlock hairstyles for black women today. The black women have dreadlock updo hairstyles that can be worn on your wedding day or an informal day. You can add the flower, leave it out, or add some other type of hair accessory you love. There is also a little girl with dreadlocks up in a ponytail, so cute with the added pink flowers. Dreads can be diverse when styling.


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  • My locs are thinning and now i have to twist two, or more, together. Wjat can i do to fix it?

  • Hi Stacy-Ann,
    You don’t have to combine your locs if they are thinning. Your thin locs can be saved by using human hair to build them up. The human hair will over time begin to mesh right into your loc.

  • This site is a beautiful, positive, and informative zone for all hair types. So happy I browsed by this site. Can anyone recommend a good moisturizing techniques for locked hair. I have been locked for almost two years. Currently I use olive oil and vitamin E oil mixed. What else can I do?

  • Hello i have just started my loc journey, and i must say I LOVE IT! What is your opinion on using a latch tool vs. free form? And i know it is better to color your hair before you loc it, but i broke the rule on that ,i did a lil color before i had them loc’d but i couldnt see it like i wanted to so i did color a few of my loc shortly after but now i can see the color!

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