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Its official, vivica fox wig line is set to launch sometime this spring, as state by Vivica Fox back in 2009. The wig line or hair collection seems to be stylish and diverse. She mentioned in an interview a couple of months ago that she was preparing for the new collection of hair and also for a clothing line:

Vivica Fox: …Like right now, I have a wig line coming out. Child! We got make sure we get some good hair. Also I am working on a clothing line. I am learning to become a business woman. Often times people get so focused on that next role or next gig. But you cannot limit yourself. Maybe you need to take some vocal classes or dance classes. Here is a martial arts film coming up can you? Or here is a movie coming up where you have to sing. Can you?LJ Knight: (laughs) Girl, you know how women are about their hair. You got to get it right. Tell me more about the wig line. What is special about your particular wigs?

Vivica Fox
: Yeah, it will be called Fox Divine. It will drop mid 2010. We are going to have extension pieces, pony tails, the colors will be good, the textures will have to be good. (laughs)

Source: BrownSista.com

On her website VivicaFoxHair.com, it states that the Vivica Fox Hair Collection, her own superstar collection of wigs and extensions, is coming Spring 2010.

Below you can see the famous actress modeling some of her wigs.

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