dreadlock hairstyles for weddings

Despite the myriad of advice given by your mother, your friends, and wedding magazines, your wedding is about you and your special guy.  It should be about what you want and how you want to express your love.  That means that if you already look a certain way you should embrace your personal style, not try to hide it under a mound of lace and tulle.  If you have been wearing dreadlocks for some time, you should not take the out before your wedding.  Instead embrace your dreadlocks, they are, after all, one of the most traditional African styles.  As long as you can style them properly, they will look at elegant, cute, or funky as you desire for you big day.  Below are some tips on how to achieve dreadlock hairstyles for weddings.

Your wedding look should reflect who you are, but it should also be you on your best behavior.  Many of us are wearing the big white dress, and we want elegant hair to match it.  There are some great ways that you can style your dreads to match any nuptial surroundings.  If your dreads are short, you can create a cloud of hair into which you can tuck flowers or pearls by creating bantu knots.  To get these you should take about four or five dreadlocks, and essentially tie them into a knot.  Then you can splay or curl the ends and weave in flowers as you desire.

Medium length dreadlocks are about the best for weddings.  You can take them and start to twist them together.  First start with two on the front side of your face.  Then keep twisting more and more of them together until you create two equal rolls that meet at the back of your head.  These two rolls can then be joined into a ponytail or rolled up into a bun.  You can even make the ends crinkly by braiding wet dreads together and then taking them apart when they are dry.  This style is again great for weaving flowers and other adornments into .  If you have a lot of dreads, it can be fun to gather them all up into a ponytail near the crown of your head and then folding them into themselves until they make a large, elegant bun.  The height of this style is perfect for perching a veil on.  These are just a few dreadlock hairstyles for weddings.

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