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Two Strand Natural Twist

Creating a Two Strand Natural Twist can be performed on hair that is at least 3 inches long. This two strand twist is a natural hairstyle that is very simple to do. Also, it is a great style that isn’t as harsh on your hair as braiding, plus it will last between 2 to 4 weeks. There’s also no need to go to a stylist to have this done. It is a simple process that you can do on your own with a little bit of styling gel and a fine-tooth comb.

You can do this hairstyle on wet or dry hair, just make sure to remove any excess water before you start. Part your hair into any type of pattern you would like and into sections that are the desired thickness. Grab one of the small sections and add some gel to it, before you divide it into two thick strands. It will help the twist to hold better if the strands are even.


Begin twisting one strand over another, going in the same direction the entire time and holding constant tension on the strands. Continue all the way down to the bottom and hold the end tightly. You can slowly release the tension on the end of the twist and let the strands settle on their own. When you are creating twists near the front of your face, twist them away from your face if you want them to go back.

If you twist the strands towards your face, then they will fall towards the front of your head and end up in your face. You can add some oil sheen to your twists at any time they start to look dry. Wearing a satin cap at night will keep them in better shape longer as well. These strands will stay better in hair that is natural, due to the added texture that natural hair tends to have.


You can use this style to create waves as well. Once you’ve let the twists settle and dry, you can unravel them and you will have soft waves. These waves can also be preserved in the same way that the twists were, by wearing a satin cap or scarf at night. This will keep your pillow from roughing up the twists or waves.


Now that you know how to do a two strand natural twist, try getting creative with it. Make some neat patterns or designs and have fun. It is an easy hairstyles that most people find they can do without getting frustrated. It’s great for all lengths of hair and all ages of people as well.

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  • Hello i was just wondering the only two things that you need to do natural twist you only need hair gel and a comb?? cuz i’ve been dying to this style but i just can’t seem to find out how to get them done please answer to my question thank you once again for this websites and its info thank you. THIRSTY ROOTS ROCKS!!!

  • Hi Isabelle,
    Two Strand Twist are simple and best to create without parting the sections with a comb. Just grab small, medium, or large sections of the hair (the size of the twist determines how large the sections) and twist the hair using two strands. If you use gel, depending on what kind, your hair may last longer, but will not be as soft and free flowing if you just use a moisturizer or shea butter. Some gels dry with a semi-hold so that will work better, than one that dries with a strong hold. It also depends on the texture of your hair, to find out what works best.

  • my hair is cut into about three layers and the longest part(being toward the back) goes down to the bottom of my neck.second layer a little last the ears and the last layer about at the lower part of my cheeks. im afraid that because the lenth of my hair is short and not even . this look may not work. is this true?

  • If your hair is uneven, this hairstyle will not look as great if you want to wear the hair all down. It will be best if you add kinky hair extensions to have it even and full all over. But you can twist your hair and then style it in a way where the uneven length flow well together.

  • How do you keep the ends from unraveling after twisting without damaging it or using rubber bands?
    BTW.. just found this website and LOVE IT!It has given me many ideas for my daughter’s hair, but can we see the side & back view of the hairstyles?

  • FINALLY! A website for us made by us! Thank you! I now know how to do twists. This is perfect for me and my daughters. Our hair is natural and I’m loving it!

  • I am a mother of a biracial daughter who is 4. I am trying to perfect the twist style as I have no idea what else to do other than have it braided which is fine, however she is so beautiful naturally thatIi want to keep that look and help her hair to grow. When I section the hair how big should the area I twist be? I have read anywhere from an inch to 2 inches thick. When I do it, the twists seem to frizz the moment they dry, and if I pick them a part for a twist out i loose the kinkyness and it just frizzes again. Any help is appreciated! Thanks,

  • my hair is soft and fine. Can i get 2 strand twist? and what product should I use on it?

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