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Yara Shahidi Hairstyles from Afro Curls to Braids to Blowouts

Yara Shahidi hairstyles range from afro curls to braids to long blowouts. The beautiful little girl from the movie “Imagine That”, as a young girl wore two strand twists hairstyles that are perfect for kids. Yara Shahidi hair is long so it is not easy to manage long hair. Twists is a hairstyle that is easy to maintain and style.  A boy or a girl can wear two strand twist with long or short hair.

So take it from Yara when she was young, twisting your little girl or boys hair could save you time on styling so often. Also, two strand twists can be manipulated into many updos, ponytails, and beaded styles.

Yara Shahidi Hairstyles – Curls, Braids, and Afros

As a young woman Yara styles her hair in curly updos, afrocentric beads and puffs, blowouts, and curly fros. These beautiful hairstyles pictures below are from her instagram, @yarashahidi.


Yara is wearing her natural curls whether in ponytails, big and free, or twisted up. These are some cute examples of curly hairstyles.


A blowout is very versatile and offers your hair a sleek look that is classy and sophisticated. Yara is wearing her flat ironed strands in a top ponytail and hair hanging in the back. This style is simple yet spicy and presents a fun young look.


Letting your curls hang free, allows your hair to breath between pinned up and braided styles. Yara knows how to maintain her beautiful bouncy curls with the right hair care products and regimen.


An afro blowout is always fun to wear and a show stopper. The bigger the better. Yara’s fro frames he face perfectly and allows her to shine.


Braids and beads hairstyles are a great way to protect the hair from daily manipulation. On top of that added benefit, the cultural afrocentric expression bring out all of Yara’s dynamic facial features.


This beautiful wrapped braids ponytail hairstyle is so regal.


Yara’s beauty glows in this goddess crown inspired hairdo. Love the loose curls hanging and the added braided ponytails.

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