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African Men Braids

African American men braids are not only interesting with the all the designs but black men texture of hair is consider by most stylist who braid hair to be the best texture of hair to use when braiding. The soft wool like feel of African American hair make holding it with you finger more comfortable. Also with its thickness and firm nature the hair is a lot easier to braid and design. There are dozens and dozen of different styles and methods of braiding African men hair.

Cornrows are among the most popular styles of men braids out there. Cornrows are a perfect match for thick, curly hair. They can be done going straight from  the beginning of your hair line to the back of you head. If you want a little more flare in you hair, cornrows can also be done in circles, half circles, and other geometric design that go as fa as the talent of your hair stylist. Most Stylist suggest that you can keep cornrow in your hair for up to six to eight weeks.

Another fun style of braiding is hang down pigtails. This is a fun hair do that can look real good when done right, but requires a certain level confidence to walk around with. Athletic braids are also good for African American men who may have a very active life. Hair braiding styles like this and more do not required a lot of maintenance, but do required that you hair be well taken care of. You should always drink a lot of water to keep the hair moist and hydrated to keep it looking healthy.  These and many other braids remain in your head for a long period of time and puts your hair under a certain measure of stress. So do the necessary upkeep of your hair to keep it in it’s best condition so when you decide to go to a hair braiding style the dreads you hair can stand the pressure.

Dreads are a African American men braiding style that is worn almost entirely by Rastafarians. Consider by a lot of people as more of a religion that a hair styles Dreads a powerful statement that is  should be worn like a crown on top of your head. Dread a not a hair do that you wear for a few week in fact they are almost the exact opposite. There some people who have had there dread for fifty or sixty years.

No matter what style you choose African men braids are a excellent choice to choose when deciding to do something new with your hair.

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