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The America’s Next Top Model’s runner up, famous model, and actress yaya dacosta hair is straighten snd curled in the photo spread of her frorm Essence Magazine. Its a nice change from Yaya Dacosta’s natural hair texture. Her hairstyle in these photos is very feminine and chic. I wonder if it’s all hers or added hair extensions for fullness? I found some info on how she feels about natural hair from a past interview:

Yaya’s natural look…

“For little black girls the ideal way to look is like Beyonce, Mary J. Blige or Sierra, and it’s hard for them because they were born with curly hair. As women, we are masters of transformation. Hair is an art and we do marvellous things with our hair, but sometimes it’s nice to see examples of women who embrace how we look naturally. Not everyone has to have long brown straight hair, because that’s not natural. And yes it’s beautiful and it’s feminine, but wearing your hair naturally can be too. I think being in an advert and looking natural can be very beautiful.

“I’m not saying I don’t straighten my hair. Sometimes when I go to audition for a film role, I’ll straighten my hair, if that’s how I think the character would wear it.

“However, when there are so few examples out there of the real you, I’m happy to provide the other side.”

Source: Se7enMagazine.org

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