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African American Hair braiding styles are as diverse as the African American culture itself. Just like the complex mixture of rough untouched texture of dreadlocks or the smooth and extraordinary variations of cornrows African American braiding styles encompasses a wide variety of techniques and taste to create a beautiful look. A look that is simple and complex at the same time African American braids are now being worn by all races.

Dreadlocks are a form of African American braiding style that is actually grown natural without any styling. African American hair has a very unique texture and if left along to only be washed will over time form in to what we called dreadlocks. Rastafarian’s are mostly associate with dreadlocks but African American from all background and age group of wearing this hair braiding style. Though dreadlocks do not require a great deal of up keep if you are think about deadlocks you should make sure you hair and spirit are healthy. There are no two set of dreadlocks are the same on any two people. They are a outter representation of that individuals inner personality.

African twist braid are another African American braiding style that is similar to dreadlocks but are style more and instead of a natural lock a stylist twists the person’s hair to the size and design they desire. Cornrows are also a form braids that can go from the front to the back of your head in a straight line or be designed in a seemingly endless variety of shapes and designs.
Micro braids are one of the most popular of all the African American braiding styles. Also known a invisible braids this hair styles gives its owner a very classy and fashionable look. They a very small braid often attached with hair extension along with your natural hair. This hair braiding style can last up to six to twelve weeks so it will require your hair being very healthy. If  you are unsure if you can get micro braids are not you personal hair stylist should be able to answer any questions you may have.

When it comes to African American hair braiding styles you will have more that your fare share of choices to choose from. So take your time and explore all your options. Because of the various textures of hair that African American men and women have the braiding styles a different depending on the person.

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