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Different Type of Cornrows

There are so many different type of cornrows that you can do to your hair. You will be looking at pictures for days trying to decide on which style you would like to try first and then next. The decision to choose which type of cornrows to get will never get easy. Cornrows in general are braids of hair that are plated flat to the head. Hair stylists and individuals all across the world have taken this generality and added flavor and jazz to a plain hairdo.

The cornrow type of braiding is used, and expanded on as far as design, in so many ways. Some hair stylist are so talented they can make your cornrows look as though they are blooming outward like a beautiful rose. To every hair stylist that does cornrows they see it as a reflection of there work. It is truly an art to them and your head is there showcasing gallery. Any smart beautician will think of doing hair in this manner, and do there best to not mess up your braids or have you wearing a style that just doesn’t fit your face.

Braiding may have originated in Africa, but it has been used all across the world by people of all nationalities for centuries. The geeks have pictures and even coins that show there hair in some sort of braided fashion. Including dread locs. Pirates were very big on the dread loc hair do. Probably not for style but simply because they didn’t take great care of there hair it naturally dreaded in a matter of speaking.

Cornrows by nature are similar to french braids. You take three pieces of hair and weave them together, only for cornrows you braid close to the scalp. If you have a skilled beautician who you trust with the most complex of styles, then you can definitely walk around like a rock star. Just take a look around and see all the stars wearing some of the most inventive cornrow styles imaginable. The look so neat, unfrizzy, and smoothly done. This is accomplished by adding some braiding hair to your natural hair.

Adding in hair helps a person with thinning hair or extremely short hair accomplish the look they may desire. Rounded corners and geometric shapes are what help to make so many of these different type of cornrows. If you already know how to do regular cornrows, with practice you will be creating some of your own little designs in no time.

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