African American Hair Salons in Dallas

African American Hair Salons in Dallas is an article that wants to give some information about these hairdressers.

Day by day your hair must look neat and nice. One of the things you do before you leave your home is to brush and dress your hair to look as nice as possible. It’s important to do this because hair can give a lot of clues about a person. So you must take care of your hair daily, weekly, briefly said as often as it is necessary.

But what you can do if you want a different and elegant hair dress for a party or a special event? Or you merely want to change your look? You can do it home, by yourself but the result might not be according your expectations or they can be awful. The easiest and the best ways to get what you want are to go to a hair salon close by your place or to one recommended by somebody. Especially if you want a hairdresser that implies straighten, flat iron or color change, it is advisable to let you hair on experienced hands.

You can find a lot of Hair salons in Dallas Texas and most of them can handle successfully an African American hair. All you must do is to choose carefully the one where to go to have your hair dress. You must make sure you will work with a hair stylist and not with a simple barber. Stylists are experienced persons; they are always able to obtain the hair dresser you want using the methods and chemicals that are less harming for your hair. They are able to give you good sense advice and help you take the best decision.

The best way to choose the appropriate salon is to try to find how old is that saloon and for how long it is in this business. The longest the period is the better, because a saloon that is on this market for a long time means that it has good stylists and it has its clients proving that it is one of the best. So go there. It may cost much but you’ll regret any cent. And there are plenty of these good quality salons in Dallas, Texas.

A good salon is all you need if your hair is in a good shape. Breakage, spilt and thinning are serious problems of the hair. Experienced persons in a salon can help you to get rid of these and have a healthy hair again. And because in Dallas you can find easy a hair salon and the needed person who can help you the problem is half resolved.

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  • What Dallas hair salons do you recommend that specialize in color and natural hair? I am looking for one.

  • There is only ONE GIRL in the Dallas area that can work on natural hair. She just straightens though….her name is Yolando in Desoto, tx.

    As far as natural styles….just google that and a lot of chics do two strand twish and such.

    BUt for a really nice Flat IRON on natural hair….baby…Yolanda is the BOMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your hair will never be the same!!! She seems to change the TEXTURE of black hair!!!!! lol Not sure how she is doing it..but she has a gift!

  • Oh do NOT check out the Kenny Cole Salon. I went bc it was on this site………she doesn’t really do “natural” hair. SHe specializes in relaxed short styles!!!!
    She didn’t have a CLUE how to handle my naturally KINKY hair. I left out of there looking like I was in a bad 1960s singing group!!!!!!! lol

    So she is NOT ya girl…unless you have a relaxer.

    Try Yolando…NO ONE SO FAR can beat her. I have a blog dedicated to finding the best natural hair stylist. So far…she is the ONLY One I recommend.

  • Hi ladies if you are still in the market for a salon in Dallas, visit We are a multi-textural salon that specializes in well,every texture. Doesn’t that sound fun. Hope to see you soon.

    Mattie Michelle

  • I am desperate, I would like to wear my permed hair,in a clean short cut, with a “TAPERED” back. I know you have seen this cut, it is real popular right now, I am inspired by the cuts from the House wives of atlanta. One lady wore the cut perfectly. Nene is wearing a wig, so not hers. But the others that sport the look are great. The problem that the stylist that I have had the misfortune of dealing with only know how to cut a shaved look, it is truly the uglist thing a female could wear. But none of the stylist know how to taper properly. So if you know of anyone can you submit their name, I find that I am not alone in this seach. We need help.Thanks

  • Go see Gina at Ashanti Salon in Carrollton 972-416-2580. She does my natural hair and my little ones (6 and 10). She is awesome and my hair is very healthy.

  • This is the second site that I have viewed about Yolanda in Desoto… The shopping center that the person published on the other site was not correct… Can you please post the name of the salon Yolanda is at????

  • Im looking for a salon that does weft or sew-in weaves.I dont live in the area and im not concered with prices just quality work.Thanks

  • Hey, reading the comments it seems like Yolanda in Desoto may be my best option. I’m relocating to the Dallas area. Will someone please post Yolanda’s contact info. My hair is permed, if she works well with flat ironing natural hair she should be able to straighten mine, right?

  • There are several natural hairstylist in Dallas that are awesome. One being Dionne Alexander.. her ph# is 817-456-6935 to book an appt. She has been doing natural hair for many years and she does a wash, blow dry and flat iron that is remarkable. Try her out. She is located near Downtown Dallas.

  • Change-N-U Salon in Desoto,TX. The stylist is Regina, there is NO one in the state of Texas that can do natural hair the way that she can! Twist, straw sets, rod sets, pressing, she is the absolute best at them all! she does a lot of high profile people in the Dallas area including several of the background singers for Kirk Franklin, I promise you that you can not go wrong with Regina.

  • I’m relocating to the Dallas area from Atlanta. Home of the natural hair. The stylist in ATL specialize in the silk method. Woman with natural hair, not relaxed are provided with the Hydration method (a conditioner, then set under the hydration steam dryer for 20 minutes). Then the hair is blow dried, and flat ironed. The end result is a very nice silky texture that will not convert back to the fluffy, or curly natural look unless it is washed again.

    Does anyone in Dallas provide this type of service? The hydration and flat iron method?

  • I can recommend this hair salon.
    Services:Facial Waxing, Eyelash Tints, Full/Partial Highlight, Blow Dry, Women’s cut, Women’s color, Women’s blow-out, Women’s style, Women’s up-do, Brazillian Blow-Out, Makeup,Eyelash Application, Extensions,Men’s cut, Men’s color, Men’s style, Tints, Color Correction. For booking call 888-488-0084

  • Anybody know of a good stylist that does twists (natural looking twist, but not the dreaded kinky twist)??

  • I’m looking for soneone GOOD with the long straw set hairstyles. PLEASE send info. and address or phone number.

  • If you all are talking about Yolanda in Desoto. She is my cousin she works at J Paris Salon in Desoto.

  • Hi this is Yolanda in Desoto. I just found out about this site on today. If you are still wanting a appointment please contact me at or you can make an appointment online at and enter the salon name as yolanda morgan and the rest is easy as 1, 2, 3. If all else falls call at 4695565864. Thanks looking forward to service all of your HEALTHY HAIR needs.

    Yolanda in Desoto

  • Anyone know of a good stylist who does masterful weaves where the tracks are not visible? I am having terrible luck, I am in North Dallas

  • Courtnee with HairWeaveMasters does a great job with weaves and has a diverse portfolio of clients, styles, etc. Check her out on, and she has locations in North Dallas (Frisco) and downtown Dallas. I’ve been a client for 2+ years and I’ve never had a visible track. Her work is superior, and she is truly masterful with braiding, wefting, and installing tracks. She’s a good stylist as well.

  • I just relocated from Atlanta to the Dallas area and wanted to now of any good hair stylists (with reasonable prices) around North Dallas, Plano, Addison or Richardson areas?

    Thanks in advance!

  • I relocated to Dallas from Los Angeles….we have the hard press that’s awesome. My old beautician used only sebastian products on my hair that kept my hair soft and silky…I could not find anyone in Dallas to maatch that. So I flew back every month. Until this day I can’t find someone in Dallas to do a nice press. Help?

  • I’m a stylist in north Dallas, lewisville,tx at cut it up salon on main
    972-890-4110. Very flexible with schedule. 14yrs. Certification.

  • OMG…Yolanda Morgan is the absolute best ever. I went to her shop on Friday and was extremely pleased. After going to two other natural stylist in Dallas, Yolanda is by far the best. I would recommend her in a heartbeat. She will be taking care of my natural hair from here forward. Lord thank you for this blessing.

  • Check this stylist out she is located in Deep Ellum on Commerce Street in dallas, I come all the way from Commerce Texas every other weekend , she is good she can grow some hair i had got my hair colored and it came out i started going to her last year and my is down my back. she is in flirt Salon and her name is Tiffany Dillard she has a web site called Illuminating Styles by Tiffany.

  • Hello Ladies…I am a licensed stylist here in Dallas, I Specialize in Sew In’s Micro Links, Quickweaves Relaxers and more…Friend me of FB to view my photos username TaraExtensionSpecialistFuller or call me at 214-780-9088

  • Hello,

    Can any refer me to reputable stylist, that does great flat iron. in the Dallas or Desoto, Cedar Hill area.

  • I have recently relocated to the Dallas, TX area. I’m looking for someone who can maintain, care, and style locs. If anyone has a recommendation please send their info.


  • I just moved to TX; I am looking for a stylist in the Dallas area that can maintain my fabulous layers. I’m overdue for a trim. I’ve tried a few stylist so far, but it seems that they are scared to properly trim my layers. Upon closer inspection of my hair after getting home I discover undefined layers, split ends & broken hair in the sink. Somebody, Anybody, PLEASE HELP!

  • I’m looking for someone in the Dallas area to do dreadlocks, if anyone had recommendations of a salon that does locks that would be great!


  • Serenity, check out Kala at Salon Pro’s Suites she is great with layered styles and cuts. Her contact number 469-826-9601.

  • Hello,
    I have not had a relaxer in two yrs. I am going to stay natural. But I have gray in my hair. So I am looking for a colorist and stylist in Dallas TX. I have looked on the internet but it just confuse me. So would you please recommend some salons here in Dallas TX.

    Hope to here from you soon
    Dorothy Davenport

  • Does any one know someone a great colorist that can style short hair? I really want my hair blonde but…..I don’t want to be bald in the process…or orange hair. I like in Arlington but a great person might be worth a drive.

  • Three years ago I did the big chop where my hair grew back with the front growing in straight and the back and sides kinky, I didnt understand so I did the big chop again with the same results my hair is very fine hair at the bangs and middle area, does anyone have any recommendations on getting my hair together.


  • Due to illness the sides and top of my forehead my hair is gone I am so tired of wearing wigs can someone tell me what I can do.

  • hello i was wondering if anyone knows of a good hair salon in houston texas who can either give me extensions or rope braids for my wedding which is may 19 i need a reasonable price hair salon or stylist or a person whose really good with hair im desparate a don’t know to many people here because i jjust moved here pease help

  • Hi ladies from Dallas area, I’m from Miami looking for my beautician his name is Eddie relocated to dallas from Miami a couple years ago I really need to find him, Eddie was the type that I sat in his chair and he would say can I try something different and every time it was a success miss him dearly please anyone who may no Eddie please provide the info.


  • There is a natural hair stylist in the natural hair beauty supply in Plano, TX. Check out The name of the Salon is Nappy Republic and the stylist name is Siri 214.235.9561. 3 Sister’s Beauty Supply carries a wide range of natural hair products(many of which can only be found online) and Siri does all kinds of natural hair styles.

  • Hello ladies. anyone that is looking for a wonderful stylist in the Dallas area, with short hair and also the bomb with layer cuts then look up Rachel at She is the absolute best..You will love her.. She has a shop in Carrollton and also Duncanvile

  • Hey ladies!
    I wear my relaxed, short and tapered/faded in the back. I am looking for someone in the LEWISVILLE/CARROLTON/DALLAS AREA who specializes in short, relaxed hair. Especially someone who can fade the back of my hair.

    Pam, I noticed you were in Lewisville. Do you specialize in Short, relaxed hair?

  • I am looking for a hair dresser in the Dallas/Mesquite/Garland area who uses the GK Straightening system.

  • I am looking for someone who specializes in natural hairstyles in Dallas….

  • Try my stylist she is good she does a verity of services her name is Tmeko her number is 972-836-2827

  • I am looking for a salon that does press and curls, weaves and ponytails near the carrollton area. Thank you

  • I am looking for someone who knows how to relax without damaging the hair and condition without making hair greasy and heavy. Dallas, TX area near Addison

  • Hello,

    I just moved to Dallas and am desperately looking for a VERY GOOD stylist for my weaves. I have had a couple installs and they have been horrible. I want someone creative, versatile and in tune with hair trends. Please and links will be appreciated. Thanks!

  • Hey ladies,

    I am a licensed stylist in the Dallas area. I am located right at Skillman and Northwest Hwy. I have been in the business 17 years and I specialize in all hair types. I specialize in african american short and trendy precision cuts, relaxers and healthy hair, natural hair, and color. Please book with me soon at 972.892.2051 to book your holiday appointments as the books are filling up quickly.

    JC Penney Salon
    6051 Skillman St.
    Dallas, Tx 75231

  • Hello,everyone,my name is karen the stylist,i have 20plus
    years of knowledge in my craft.and i can do everything.and i
    Am moble,as of now i will come to u.see photos on Facebook.karen

  • I’m looking for a hairstylist near the Dallas/Lewisville, Texas area. Stylist must be into hair care.

  • Hi Ladies!
    I’m a licensed stylist with over 17 years experience in hair and make up. I’m located in Carrollton at Josey and Frankford. My specialties include Dominican blowouts, relaxers, natural styles and sets, color, color corrections and more!Check out my work at

    Tanya Steele
    private suite inside luxury salons
    3050 N Josey ln
    Carrollton,TX 75006
    I’m running some awesome hair specials!
    For $40 Dominican Blowout including steam treatment and trim
    For $60 relaxer retouch- including steam treatment and trim
    For $60 single all-over color, steam treatment and haircut
    For $80 partial highlights, steam treatment and a haircut
    For $110 single all-over color, partial highlights, steam treatment and a haircut
    For $150 Keratin treatment, steam treatment, and a haircut
    For $200 All over color, Keratin treatment, steam treatment, and a haircut

  • Hi I’m Lisa aka megaweavesbymajestik I also just found out about this website I SPECIALIZE Platinum Hairweaving
    BRAIDING. Locks. MANAGER AT Divine Hair Salon in Irving. COME meet our great team. Mobile 469-563-0587’Thanks.

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