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African American Hair Breakage

African American hair Breakage has many causes but we’ll try to review the most important factors and speak about cures.

Since the ancient times, almost every nation had a particularly hairstyle that represented them. For example, Nordic nations wore it long because of the cold, African people wore it braid and so on.

People nowadays wear their hair in a lot of shapes and colors. Everybody wants their hair look great, neat and healthy so many resort to a lot of different methods, some of them being very harmful for them.

One of the main causes of hair breakage for African Americans can be the fact that they try to wear it straight. The process that help them to have it so is very harmful for hair. The chemical relaxers used are a great enemy for the health of the hair. They destroy its texture, its proteins and make it more fragile.

Another cause can be hair paint that also contains chemicals. It is true that everybody wants to look younger and fresh so, most of women and men choose to paint their hair. And because this must be done pretty often because of hair growing and the difference of color that appears as a result of this growing, hair can suffer a lot and become unhealthy. Or everyone wants merely change the color of hair for a new look with the same result in time-hair breakage

All these things can be avoided if we give our hair a little attention.

First of all, we must choose the methods that contain less harmful chemicals. African American hair is not designed to be treated with chemicals. No matter if it’s about perm or relaxer the result is the same. So, it is advisable to use relaxers for kids and the perm to be not very strong. Hair conditioners are very important and they must be used at every washed. Of course there are a lot of others products that can help an African American person keep his hear in a good shape. There are a lot of lotions based on plant and essential oils with a great effect.

A regularly cut of the ends of the hair is healthy and of a big help. Cutting them the splits are removed so hair will not loose the water it needs. Soon it will become healthy again.

And another very important thing we must tell here is that we must take care of our hair not only from outside but from inside too. A cause of hair breakage can be a wrong or incomplete diet. Multivitamins mustn’t miss from every one diet, even if its food is very varied and based on vitamins, minerals and proteins. Sometimes this is not enough and we must help our body with some nutritive supplements.

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