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Looking for african american hair salons in new york? African American hair, in New York, can be styled to perfection with the right salons and the right stylists. Sometimes a good stylist is hard to find.  This is especially true if you are new to a city and don’t know where to go.  You could go down to your local salon and see how it goes, but if you don’t know anything about the place you might end up spending a lot on a hairstyle that you don’t really like.  Instead of just picking out a salon blindly, wouldn’t it be better to have someone help you to pick out the good ones?  If the city you are trying to navigate is New York, then you will have a bigger challenge than most of the rest of us.  That is why we are here to help you find African American hair salons in New York.


Because there are so many people in New York, there are also a huge variety of salons specializing in African American hair.  They are found throughout the five boroughs however the most exclusive ones will, of course, be found on Manhattan.  Rather than cold call all the salons that are an easy train ride away, you should instead turn to the internet to help you figure out which salons are the best.

There are number of online services where customers can rate their salon experience.  One of the most popular is a feature called Time Out New York.  You’ll get an overview of many of the top salons in the city.  This service uses professional writers.  However, if you want a totally customer-based view you can turn to a service called Yelp.  There you will find ratings and reviews from over one hundred different African American hair salons in the city.  For the most part, these reviews will be able to steer you in the right direction.  If you have any friends in the area, getting their opinion is also a good way to figure out the best salons.

Here is a short list of the some of the salons in New York that we think you might want to check out.  Look at Wellington Hair SpaKhamit Kinks, Crown Worthy, Locks ‘N Chops, and An’jels Salon Day Spa.  These are just a fraction of the African American hair salons in New York.  Shop around and find the best fit for your personal hair and style.

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  • I need help finding a very good salon in NY to do a full head sew in weave (a bob) ASAP. Any suggestion? Thanks in advance!

  • Nicole @ Impulse Salon in Queens is absolutely 100% off the hook with her precision cuts. I’ve been a loyal customer for 5 years. 7182986200

  • My name is Tasha and I am a new client of a fabulous hairstylist by the name of Antoinette in Parkslope Brooklyn. I found her by reading great reviews about her and her company Glam-R-Us Inc. on line . Antoinette gave me the flatest and most natural looking weave I’ve ever had. I’ve never recieved so many compliments on my weaves before. My boyfriend loves my new hair and he doesn’t want me to go to any other stylist. Antoinette is the truth. She works by appointment only so give her a call @ (718) 260-9655

  • I am looking for a kids salon in Brooklyn or Queens that are known for quality service and hairstyles–(braiding, curling, etc)

  • I just relocated to New York and am looking for a hair stylist who can properly take care of natural hair. I haven’t had a relaxer in two years, and I usually get a wash and press. Lately, I’ve been forced to go to the dominicans but they put too much heat on my hair for my liking. Someone please help me find someone who can not only do natural hair but knows how to care for natural hair as well.

  • hi iam looking for a stylist in ny that is an expert with cutting hair specifically boy cuts thx.

  • Hello,

    Im looking for a affordable salon that styles natural hair. Im reduced to braids and wash-n-go’s because I havent found anyone that works well with natural hair that isnt trying to bankrupt me or get scissor happy. I live in the Bronx but will travel to either the City or Westchester Co. Please help!!!

  • Im thinking about chopping my hair off and starting new. I havent put a perm in my hair since the beganning of june.I dont know where to go to get it cut. I refuse to go to the salon where I live. The lady cut my hair before and i hated it. I need a black hair salon. Im located in the bronx and I am willing to travel to bk, queens or whatever.

  • There is a great stylist in Harlem, who specializes in short hair. She works quickly and efficiently…hardly ever had to wait on her for an appointment, as she does not overbook clients. Once or twice, she’s done my hair in less than an hour. Call Rada (347) 224-0566.

  • Help!!! Just moved to the states, Flatbush and Caton area . I have only trusted one person in my many years of having locks. I really need to find someone to style my locks. A.S.A.P

  • i went to a salon in queens ny and had a weave put in she glue it in now i have big big bold spot in my head i want to die i hate myself what can i do i konw i newd to cut it all off please help me

  • Who in the world compiled the list of black hair salons in NYC? I’m here in NYC looking to have my very natural hair (imagine Michale Jackson on the Off the Wall album cover) texturized. I went online to review the locations listed here and was appalled. These places do not strike me as african hair places AT ALL. While they may have one or two stylist that can do a relaxer I would not trust my natural hair to any of these listed. Devachan — puhlease. I went there for a consultation some time ago — I told them i wanted to texturize my hair. The person told me that natural hair or texturized hair is not professional and I should really think about getting a relaxer. I left shortly after. How dare this person tell me that natural or texturized hair isn’t very professional. Please prove me wrong or check your list.

  • Sorry Shawn that happened to you. An intern wrote this article and I will be revising it. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  • hello, i just learned about infusions,and i fell in love with it. i been wearing braided weaves for years, but now i am dieing for these infusions, i live in the Bronx and i have no idea wear to go. i am not well, i am on dialysis, so i can not go far. can you recommend a place for me to go get this done?? thanks a bunch, have a great day!!

  • I need help finding an excellent black bridal stylist that is very patient and kind. I need my hair done for my wedding in a beautiful updo style. I live in Jamaica, Queens. Thank you for your help!

  • Hello All,

    For those of you looking for a weave for a protective style – try Afrigenix on 79th Street. Take the 1 Uptown and exit on 79th.

    Their stylists were great and one of the girls, in particular, has amazing hands. I did not feel anything when she was braiding up my natural hair! Check out the website, and let me know if you have questions!!!

    Nicolette – Locate & Review Stylists for Textured Hair! Launching 2012!

  • thnx so much 4 all comments im grateful i will continue as long as i have my gift n my hands and tha vision…….thnx…..i can b reach @ 347 224 0566…rada!!!

  • I am looking to install my new kinky weave at a natural hair salon who actually specializes in natural hair. I am also a working college student do budget is a key factor. Anyone know of a good salon in Ny?

  • I need help with my hair. My hair has thin out. My hair is short. The Dermotologist said, “Do not pit perm in your hair. It has done this damage. My hair is so dry. It is hard to comb and it hurts to comb it. I want to go natural but hurts to comb it. It needs treating with the right products. I don’t know what to do. I know it needs cutting but I don’t want it cut shorter than what it is already. Can anyone help me?

  • Does anyone know of a good salon in the Bronx area? My last relaxer was in March 2011. I need a stylist who is seriously into healthy hair care and who will assist me in growing fuller, thicker, and longer hair.

  • Hi All,

    I discontinued going to my former stylist about 2 yrs ago due to her lack of professionalism and have been unable to locate someone who can properly…maintain healthy hair since. Currently, it’s breaking, shedding and I feel horrible about this. I have subjected myself to various “salons” and I can’t do it anymore. I live in the Bronx and I’m willing to travel to make it happen. Ladies and gentlemen….please help!!!!

  • HELP!!! LoL I really would like some. I stopped relaxing my hair June 2011. I’m doing pretty good with my hair. This is the healthiest it has ever been and growing quite well. It’s pretty thin. I still like it straightened but I do not use extreme heat at all. I know my hair could do much better if I got it cut but I’m so scared because I don’t know where to go and I am very sensitive about my hair. It’d be great if I can find a place that will just cut, wash and straighten without extreme heat. I live in the Bronx but am afraid to go into any of the salons I come across because they are either Spanish salons with little to no English or African braiding. I’m 28, only been to a salon 2x in my life and the last time being 10 years ago. Would truly appreciate any suggestions.

  • Hello Ladies,

    I need help finding a stylist that specializes in SHORT HAIR! Can anyone recommend a stylist in Brooklyn/Harlem not too expensive ? My hair is cut like Halle Berry. The stylist that cut my hair, just isn’t doing it for me. Any suggestions would be great

  • Hi Supanegra. Contact me at cacheofbeauty@gmail (put your name in subject). I can assist you with locating great stylist with heAlthy haircare in mind in HArlem


    HER SITE IS http://WWW.NIMZAJ.COM 347-981-8826

  • Hi, I am looking for a great hairstylist who is good at cutting and styling the Halle berry pixie cut.

    I recently moved to NYC from Washington DC and need some recommendations ASAP.


  • Hi, I am a hairstylist with 12 years of experience out of Brooklyn ny. I specialize in all textures and styles. Feel free to look on tumbler for a view of some of my work. You can also contact me by email @ or by phone @ 347-770-7169

  • Im looking for a good hair salon in flatbush Brooklyn. I have dreads but I want to cut my dreads off & get a short curly fro style. Is there a good one’d in Brooklyn that anybody would recommend??

  • Hello!

    I really need some help. I’m looking for a reasonable priced hair stylist that can do a full head sew in without making it look like a wig. Any suggestions? I’m a visual person so please provide any links with pictures if you can or the stylists website/instagram/tumblr etc.

    Thanks so much!

  • Hi ladies, I am a healthy hair stylist located in the Harlem, NY area. I specialize in straightening natural hair, flat versatile weaves, and restoring damaged hair back to health. Please feel free to visit my profile for a detailed description of my services, contact information and pricing. Thank you!

  • Hi, I’m looking for a stylist who specializes in sew in weaves for a girl with very thin edges. I’m willing to travel.

  • There is a salon on 233rd and Merrick BLVD in Queens called “Hair Definition”…and I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Ask for Bubbles (718-712-2265). She is great at EVERYTHING she does, especially precision cuts and hair restoration!

  • Hello I’m looking for a stylist in the NYC area who specialize in shaved sides, like the rihanna look

  • Looking for a hairstylist who braids natural hair short or long without extensions!!!
    If you know anyone whose really about their business please share!!

  • I’m looking for a great stylist who can shape and cut natural hair into a style in Harlem — any thought?

  • Hi,

    I am looking for a unique & innovative hairstylist that specializes in coloring (specifically bleaching to Platinum Blonde from dark brown hair) and short cuts ASAP!!! I usually have a platinum blond short cut mohawk but my mohawk has grown too long but also it has grown enough for a fabulous stylist to have fun while cutting it. The best !!!! Please forward the info. It will be greatly appreciated!!!!

  • Sooo I took the plunge and scheduled a appt with Jasmine @nimzaj when I got there she greeted me and let me know she was running behind , which I thought here we go, I’m going to be here all day !!!! 15min later she started 1.She did a consultation which I was a bit surprised normally it’s off to the shampoo bowl. Jasmine asked me a series of questions regarding my hair regimen .

    I received a shampoo blow dry style , giving me a customized conditioner which I had to give a side eye

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