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Ever thought about using a hair relaxer spray? Using a relaxer to straighten your hair can be something fun to do, because it means that you get to try out a whole new style with an entirely new range of possibilities.  If you go for an all out relaxing that means that your hair suddenly has been shifted from very curly to very straight.  However, there are also a lot of other, milder relaxers that can be used to make your hair less curl and more supple.  A very strong relaxer should be applied in a beauty salon; that is the best way to ensure that you are damaging your hair and scalp more than is necessary.  There are many harsh chemicals in the strongest relaxers and you need to be sure that you don’t give yourself a chemical burn.  However there are also, less caustic options, such as hair relaxer spray, that can easily be used at home, both on yourself and on your children’s hair.

If you simply want the curl in your hair to loosen up a little bit, then you might be interested in knowing about the power of milk.  It might seem strange to spray milk on your hair, but it actually works.  There is a very weak acid in milk – its pH is just under the neutral number of seven – and therefore it will ever so slightly break down the cellulose in your hair that makes it curly.  However, the acid is so slight that it will do this without damaging your hair.  The problem is that you need to spray milk on your hair on a regular basis to get it to do any serious relaxing in the long run.  While you probably don’t want your head to smell like sour milk, you might consider using coconut milk as a better smelling alternative.  Buy a can of coconut milk and keep it in the refrigerator.  An hour or so before you take a shower, spray the milk on your hair.

There are also a couple of chemical products that spray on the same way that milk does.  You can order one of them from Treasured Locks, it is their signature brand.  You might also want to check with your local salon to see if they have any suggestions.  Usually relaxer is something that you massage into your hair.  Only the lightest of chemical or natural combinations can be used in hair relaxer spray.

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