African American Human Hair Wigs

African American human hair wigs have been widely appreciated and utilized for centuries.  They were worn by the ancient Egyptians, Romans, and Phoenicians who needed a way to protect their bald heads from the sun.  These civilizations lived as long ago as 500 B.C.  This practice continued on for centuries, emerging again in the 16th century, though it was less as a practical device and more of a fashion statement.  They also represented nobility, as they cost a lot of money too.

Of course in modern times it is just as common to see these items made of synthetic materials as natural human hair.  Industrial practices have made this process much easier and now synthetic materials can look just as organic, sleek, and elegant as the real thing.

This was very difficult in previous generations, especially in regards to African American hair.  African American hair is very kinky and has a unique texture.  It is very different from the European hair that was originally used to make wigs.  This made it difficult to make wigs for black people because you cannot simply dye Scandinavian or Germanic hair and make it appear like the kind of hair that is of African, Nigerian, or Egyptian descent, for example.

Appearance and texture are not the only qualities that are different between African and European hair.  Accordingly, it was not always easy to make a synthetic wig for African hair because it they require a completely different set of standards.  For instance, natural hairs react to different climates, moisture levels, and temperatures in different ways.  Obviously, then, someone with African hair could not wear a wig made for someone with European hair.  It simply wouldn’t look right.

Along with environmental issues, if you wear a wig but you still retain some of your own hair, then you need to wear something that is similar to the hair that you have.  Neither would it look right if you have hair that is largely of African descent but you try to wear a wig of light hair that has been dyed black and is of European descent.

Of course, there is also something that can be said for personal preference.  Perhaps you want to create a look that is somewhat different.  If you want to see what you would like with a different hairstyle or with hair that is of a different genetic culture, wigs are a good way to find out.

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