African American Women Hair Weaves

African American women hair weaves are very common these days.  Among the most popular are cornrows, which are actually popular to both men and women, as well as children.  Technically, they are a traditional hair style that dates back nearly 2000 years!  While these weaves may be very intricately detailed, they are actually very practical, which is perhaps why they are so popular.

Most African American weaves take a great deal of time to complete.   Whether you use natural or synthetic hair, it is of no consequence as to how long they will take.  The process is still the same.  Aside from weaving and braiding, extra elements may also be used, like special needles, clips, and threads; and even glues, which are intended to hold the hair in place.  When done properly, everything looks natural and you should not be able to tell where the artificial hair, additions, or extensions are put in.
Obviously, you can also use hair styling products to achieve many of these hair styles.  Gels, for instance can help to produce a certain kind of body in your hair.  Pastes and pomades can be used to flatten the hair.  Finally, activator in combination with a wave cap can help to generate a different kind of body.

Weaves and extensions are very popular because they are much simpler than braids but result in a similar look or effect.  They don’t take as long to put in, but they often cannot be left in as long either.  Braids can be left in for weeks and even months at a time.  Extensions, though, cannot usually stay in that long.

Combinations like the ponytail weave, then, are also popular for similar reasons.  It provides a sporty and effortless look and allows you to achieve it even if your hair is much shorter.  You can simply use one of the many tools and techniques that are available to artificially add more body, character, and especially length to your hair. Plus, with African hair, the ponytail is not always easy to achieve anyway, since this kind of hair is naturally kinky, not straight.

No matter what kind of style you are looking for, it is important to remember that your hair style need not be limited by the hair on your head.  No, you can find ways to create the look you want using the innovative combination of recent technology and ancient techniques.

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