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An all natural hair color option for dying black hair is henna. Being derived from a plant, henna is a natural dye contains no peroxide or ammonia, but has limited color choices such as black, indigo and clay red. It coats the shaft, like a rinse, more than penetrates it. A positive is that, without adverse affects, henna may be applied to the hair immediately after a relaxer.

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  • is there away to seal the color line so it wont change have each shampoo. if not, is it safe to apply was a week during my weekly hair treatment.

  • 9 months ago I stoped applying a relaxer in my hair and decided to color it, because of the gray coming in. I don’t have course, or straight, but my hair is very fragile. I went to a beauty school, and they applied permanent clairol color, but the beautician didn’t have conditioner, applied Leave-in conditioner. What should I do next to avoid damage to my hair, or if necessary to remove the color?

  • I use to dye my hair with box color because of premature graying . When I decided not to blow dry and curl my hair anymore, I found out that the color was actually straightening my hair. Color is very damaging and needs to be nuetralized just like a relaxer. I found this out the hard way. Even if you have strong hair color will start to weaken the hair over time. (so will shampoo this is another topic)

    I became alergic to the sulphur in all hair dyes,so I switched to henna and indigo. There is only one type of Henna. It has a red tint. Indigo is a plant used to dye jeans. It is blue. In order to achieve black. You must first color grey hair with Henna and then Indigo. tip. Use body grade henna. (organic pure) Otherwise, the henna can have metalic salts, PPD and other harmful chemicals you are trying to avoid. Dying with Henna is messy and takes awhile but the benefits are so worth it. Henna will add thickness to your hair cuticle and strengthen the weak spots in the hair allowing it to grow longer. It also will losen the curl and make it more manageable.

    I am a Henna Head for life.

  • I am extremely allergic to any/all commercial hair dyes, professional or over the counter! I am greying and not so gracefully, not ready for that! Can anyone tell me if Henna will be safe for me? Someone with my experience? tired of using those gret sticks!

    Please help!

  • Be careful using henna. It leaves hair very dry and takes months (7 months+) to fade. If you use any chemicals after henna, it just damage you hair. Lot of people don’t know that…

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