Bronner Brothers Hair Show 2013

Bronner Brothers Hair Show 2013

Thirsty Roots covered the Bronner Brothers Hair Show 2013 – Mid-Winter. The last time we actually shot video footage of this event was back in 2010 so we felt the need to dive in again.

As usual the hair show was packed and Atlanta was on full blast. 10’s of thousands of people showed up to the event to be educated and entertained from all over the nation. Celebrities always appear in some form or fashion promoting a product or simply enjoying the atmosphere and this time was no different.

We missed Morris Chestnut but we did capture other celebs that attended as we have VIP access to many things. Here is the video and pictures of them all. Oh, yeah we will be at The World Natural Hair Show 2013 too. If you missed our recap video for that see it here.

Lisa Raye Red Pro Flat Iron Picture of Lisa Raye Bronner Brothers Cynthia Bailey Bronner Brothers picture of curly nikki


Derek J Bronner Brothers 2013 Lisa Woo Bronner Brothers Glynn Jackson Bronner Brothers

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