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We posted an interview of preteen Nyia about her natural hair support and journey with her mother, Shana Jaye, and decided to sit down with them to talk a little about how important it is to have a support system when it comes to transitioning into natural hair.

It is not easy for women, especially tweens and teens, to change their hair preference to natural due to ignorance amongst this society. Although more and more women are “going natural” in search of a more healthier way of hair care and styling, we still find that some people think our beautiful kinky, “nappy” hair is not acceptable in their eyes.

Here at, we embrace the beauty and versatility our hair has in its natural or relaxed state. We must all realize how beautiful we are with or without enhancements and alterations.

Wearing our hair in its natural state is much more healthier and there is nothing wrong with its structure of naps, kinks, curls, and coils. Whatever the term to describe our hair, there is no such thing as good hair or bad hair, only “healthy hair”, and there is nothing negative about our hair. Its just the way God intended it to be.

So lets make sure our little girls and boys know how beautiful they are, naturally.

I celebrate Shana Jaye’s decision to go natural to lead by example and help support her daughter through this journey.

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  • I have been transitioning for four months and I need help.what moisturizer is good that is petroleum and minerral free.besides weave what are good styles to make the transitional style look good? please reply

  • I have also taken the long journey of going natural for about one year and two months. Discovering this website has helped me love my natural thirsty roots.
    It is not as unmanageable as it was thought to be as long as you follow the path to keep your body and hair health. I support the natural hair.
    Thank you all so much.

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