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The official Thirsty Roots Elle Varner interview was extremely fun to put together. She is funny and very down to earth. Most people know her from the hot single “Only Want To Give It To You“, but many fans want to know much more about this young Diva so we will run down a couple of things.

Elle was given a flute by her grandfather at the age of 6-years old which is what started her on the music path. Learning that instrument gave her a musically toned ear which allowed her to also master several other instruments including piano, guitar, bass and drums.

The beautiful RCA recording artist has hot lyrics and MADD style which keeps her Youtube channel and Twitter followers engaged. In our video you can see the energy Elle Varner brings to the stage in live concert. If you ever get a chance to see her book that event.

What About Her Hair?

Well speaking with Elle we quickly found out that she is a DIY chick on the road and pretty much rocks a wash and go style. She does have a stylist but it’s cool to know she can whip her own hair up. Bet you didn’t know she uses an eighth inch curling iron to achieve those wonderful curls. Peep some Elle Varner hairstyles here.

If you are anticipating the release of her album don’t worry it’s in the hopper. She is shooting a video for “REFILL” this week. You can download her Mixtape “Conversational Lush” for free in the meantime. Don’t forget to follow her on Twitter @ellevarner

Elle Varner Concert Live

Elle Varner Live Concert Atlanta

Elle Varner Singing Live

Elle Varner In Concert

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