Atlanta Micro Braids

In Atlanta Micro Braids are a popular braiding hairstyle. Whether using yaki straight or wet n wavy human hair, Micro braids are a very versatile hairstyle.  The women in Atlanta are already known to be very self sufficient and independent women, so of course there is no surprise to the fact that they would love this hairstyle. It says sexy, confident, and independent when worn on your head. You will undoubtedly be flooded with compliments with how good you look and your hair too of course.

Atlanta is filled with a lot of women of culture so braiding is popular there period. Women and men are looking good as they strut there different laid back ethnic looks. For a city as ethnic as Atlanta, who would have it any other way. Micros have so many different variations of them you could change them up every few months and still not tried all of the different micro braided looks out there.

Let us see here, when it comes down to Atlanta and pretty much all over the world now, you can get regular micros in small, medium, and large sizes. Then you have invisible micros which are already meant to be small, but yet still they have the same three size variations of small, medium, and large. Take note that invisible micros are a strain on your natural locks because of how small they are made and how tight they are applied.


Now micros can last a long time if you have them touched up in the front after three months. You can actually wear them for six months with proper care and up keep. It also greatly depends on the quality of braiding hair you get. The better the quality the less chance you have of it matting up and dulling out early. The styling also comes in to play by the type of hair you choose. You see women through out Atlanta with micro braids made from human hair wet and wavy, human hair deep wave, straight human hair that they can later dye or curl into a different style later. You can also use pony hair for micros, but I personally would advise against pony hair if you are planning on keeping your braids for a long time.

All and all in Atlanta micro braids are being revolutionized and made better and better with more focus on the care of your natural hair. You must still wash and condition your hair while it is braided. It may be in micros but your hair is still there. You also want to keep your scalp well oiled and some oil sheen available for your braids.

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  • I want to get micro braids on saturday but i need to know how to wash and manage the breads, my edges are a sesitive area and i dont want them to break off. Also i just cut alot of my permed hair off. Is braiding a recommended way to offset the time growing out a relaxer?

  • Yes, but I would not recommend it. The braids will not last as long especially if you leave hair out on the ends.

  • What kind of hair does the girl in the top right corner and the girl in the bigger picture have? Thanks

  • I just got my hair braided yesterday in some human hair singles, I think these braids are a little too tight any suggestions on how to loosen these braids. I also had a headache last night. This morning I sprayed them with some oil. I’m scared my edges are going to come out. I really don’t want to take them out. I’m going to try and wait a few more days. Any suggestions?

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