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how to put dreads in

Before learning how to put dreads in, you must first understand that putting dreadlocks in your hair is a major decision.  To put dreads in, isn’t as major as say, getting a tattoo on your arm, but it is at about the same level of commitment as most body piercing.  That is to say, it’s not permanent, but changing your mind in a month would be a very silly thing to do.  That is because it takes a lot of time to put dreads in in the first place.  It also takes many months of hair growth to get your dreads looking nice.  It really isn’t until a year into the style that dreads reach their full maturity.  If you think you’re up for the challenge, here are a few ways of how to put dreads in.

Dreadlocks can be done on any type hair now-a days. There are methods for kinky hair,curly , straight hair, and short hair. It no longer matters the ethnic back ground. All cultures are growing wonderfully versatile dreadlocks.

Dreadlocks can be added with extension hair, or straight hair can be dreaded. There are so many techniques.

  • Palm Rolled – With hair over 2 inches.
  • Comb Twist- On hair under 2 inches.and tight curl pattern.
  • Comb twist and clip- On looser curl or less kinky hair, or touching up dreadlocks for neat appearance at base of dreadlocks.
  • Extension to add length to hair.

Bees Wax, Pomade, Gel and Moisturiser Blends

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Another way to get your dreads is to go to a salon and get them permed in.  If you are Caucasian, this might be your best dread option, especially since perming will provide the texture that you need to make your dreads stick.  Perming is expensive though and if you want to take your dreads out you need to cut off the hair that has been permed in order to do so.  Chemical alterations don’t come out all that easily.

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  • There are lots of ways to do or grow dreadlocks the best and most common way is to go to a hairsalon and have traditional dreads or sisterlocks/brotherlocks put in…When you are starting locks you can start them with two strand twists,senegalese twists,or with a crochet needle or a sisterlocks tool etc..You can also use comb coils if you want..Comb coils make your hair lock faster than any other method.


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