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Twisting hair provides a great look without creating a hairstyle that doesn’t come out easily. This hairstyle also takes a lot less time than braiding. A few different styles of twist are the Senegalese, Nubian, Kinky, Micro-Kinky, Yarn, Two Strand, Three Strand, Finger, and Flat. The following Instructions On Twisting Hair provide details on how to make Kinky Twists using extensions. These twisting instructions are useful for any black hair type.

It’s best if you buy your extra lengths of hair from a beauty salon that carries hair in bulk. This will also be the easiest way for you to match the kinkiness of your natural hair to the additional hair. Starting with 2 or 3 packs of hair is usually the right amount needed. The kinkier your hair is, the easier it will be to create kinky twists in it.

Make sure to wash your hair completely to get out any hair products that might be in it; conditioner, gel, cream, etc. After you wash it a couple of times with shampoo, don’t add any conditioner or other products to it. Sit under the dryer until your hair is thoroughly dry. If you have really kinky hair, you can use a blow dryer, as long as you are careful not to straighten it as you are drying it.

After your hair is dry, section it out how you would like it to be. You can make each portion completely even, create a pattern of some sort, or make it very random. Once you’ve decided on how the hair is going to be divided across your scalp, grab a chunk and separate it from the rest. You’ll probably need a bunch of bobby pins or clips to hold the rest of your hair out of the way.

If you would like twists that go a little past your shoulders, take the bulk hair and cut it in half. This will be plenty to create nice long kinky twists. Using the entire bit of hair will give you twists that extend down your back. Adjust the strand to the thickness that matches your own and bobby pin this strand to the section of hair you chose to start with.

In order to make the extensions look natural, you will need to braid it into your own hair at the beginning, before you start to twist it. Take your own hair and divide it into three sections, divide the strands of hair you added into two sections and combine these with your own hair. You now have three sections to braid.

Once you have braided a few crossovers, then it’s time to begin the kinky twists. Continue twisting down the entire length of the hair. There’s no need to plait the ends, they will hold all on their own. Hopefully these instructions on twisting hair into kinky twists using extensions will be helpful for you to create long twists on your own.

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  • If i get extensions twisted in with my hair, do i always leave that stuff in, or do i take the extensions out after time and put in new ones? because, i want to have my hair twisted, but i want it to stay like that and i have relaxed hair. what should i do?

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