black hair weave and human hair


Black hair weave and human hair go hand in hand. Human hair is no doubt the best type of weaving hair to get. It allows you the ability to curl or flat iron the hair so you can have a different look with the same hair. Just be cautious of the temperature of your heating device. Whether it be a curling iron or a flat iron to much heat will damage your weave just like to much heat burns and damages your real hair. You are not able to apply heat to synthetic hair so those are more less good for quick weaves. Black hair weave is the most popular their is.

In today’s market you can get black hair weave synthetic or human online for a better price on the more expensive hair you find at the hair stores locally. As the fad increases so does the price. You must beware of the scammers out there making weaves that look and feel good, but fall apart after a week. With human hair you are looking for a brand that provides real human hair that was sold or donated from a real human being.


With human hair you can dye it to your desired color. The stores may not carry the color you want in a hair weave, so just purchase your self some good hair weave and have your beautician dye it for you. Good human hair will be able to withstand the color treatment and will come out looking as beautiful as you desire it to.

Another wonderful feature of human hair weave is that you can add a perm to it. Changing the style as I said earlier is up to your discretion. After wearing the straight look for a while have your beautician perm it so you can wear a sexy wavy look for a while. Human weaving hair is manageable like your hair so you must wash and condition it, brush it often, and apply some sort of moisturizer to it daily. Good up keep of your weave will ensure longevity of it. Wrap your hair up at night with a silk hair scarf. These are very easy to find and usually cost between one and three dollars.

Black hair weave and human hair care are one as you can tell. Always think of your weave as your other human hair. Used so you do not have to experiment on yours.

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