Braids Cornrows

Zig Zag Cornrows

Zig zag cornrows are the beginning to a world of artistry found in cornrow designs like none other. You can take a zig zag braid and to any cornrow do and give it a dash of spice and flavor. To each unique head is a cornrow design that is perfect for there facial features.

There are some designs, however, that do last a long time. For instance, if you take the front of your hair, part your hair in rows, and then braid somewhat small single braids going down the rows. Once you have done that, you start back at the top and braid those single braids together row by row. Designs such as these can last a couple of months or longer. The single braids do not have to be braided straight down. They can be braided in all sorts of designs. It really all just depends on how the hair is braided and how neatly you or your hairstylist braids each braid and section.

If you want your cornrows to be braided in zig zags you can do those, up, down, braided up into ponytails. Zig zag braids crossing over each other is a braiding artistry that I am sure takes a lot of practice to perfect. A good beautician can make the plainest of cornrows come to life in no time flat. How about taking the very front of your hair and parting it first down the middle of your head. Then section of a not to large portion vertically on the two sides. Now the two sides are divided by that first part you made going down the middle. Start on which ever side of the middle part you choose, left or right. Take it and braid the small vertical part into one neatly braided zig zag or you can make the parts a little further back and make individual cornrow zig zags on the front portion. Then take those individuals and neatly braid them into tow medium sized braids going down the back. From there you can do what ever designs you come up with for the middle and attach the sides to the middle if you wish.

Zig zag cornrows will never go out of style. They are definitely a nice compliment to any regular corn row hairstyle that is out there. Go ahead and take a leaf of faith. Try yourself a nice zig zag style.

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