better 3 piece layer hair weave

So how do you get a better 3 piece layer hair weave sewed in your hair? Well you need to know the proper procedure to doing it so that when you pay your money to a stylist they can stay on track. No pun intended there…lol.

Here are a couple of tips. Make sure all the supplies are together which should be a comb, the weave pieces, thread preferably the color of the hair, a rubber band and a curved needle.

Make sure your stylist can really braid because you don’t want the cornrows or tracks showing. The normal range for clipping in hair is about 1 inch from the hairline, nape, front and sides. Remember that tracks should be the same width as the weave too.

Plan your tracking so that the cornrow will be hidden. All ends should be secured by a rubber band and tracks should be about one-half inch to a full inch in width.

By now you have guessed that the track and sew method is the best way to do this. Have your stylist work from the nape to the crown of your head.

All stitching performed should be lock stitching which firmly secures the weave. These are things to remember so that you know you are not being mistreated at the salon and your weave is ready for the streets.

Of course there are other things I could have said but most stylist know those things and don’t deviate from them when putting in weave.

Hope this helps, ladies!

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