Beyonce Lace Front Wig

Straight to the point the question is does Beyonce wear a weave and the answer is yes. The beautiful singer married to rapper Jay-Z rocks extensions and even lace front wigs. I must say that I have seen pictures of her with and without the extra hair and it does not matter because the woman is gorgeous.

We have to remember that she is an entertainer that constantly sweats out her hair in performances that millions of people love and it’s not an option for a celebrity of her caliber to be sub-par in hairstyling. She cannot be seen in public with wild hair risking the chance of losing that star power. We have all seen this before right Amy Winehouse?

The picture above proves that even when she is done right powerful paparazzi cameras can capture the slightest imperfection and it’s blown up across the web. If you want to see how great a Beyonce hairstyle gallery looks make sure you visit the link within this sentence.

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