Black Braided Hairstyles

There are a great many black braided hairstyles.  They can be very simple but also very complicated too.  They are a classic style of ornamentation that dates back as far as 500 B.C. but continue to be current because of the many ways they are used today.  They provide both a traditional, timeless elegance as well as unique, interesting designs.

It is somewhat common knowledge that African American hair is often hard to manage.  It is naturally very kinky and dry, which means that you cannot style it or maintain it in the same ways as, say, European hair.  The natural curl of African hair is quite stubborn so styling it requires particularly careful technique.  You really have to know what you are doing.

First of all, you can braid African American hair.  This is the most traditional method of styling African hair, but it is also common to Egyptian and Nigerian people as well.  Braiding was very common to these communities both for cultural and social reasons.  Braiding is often the best method to use for styling because it allows you to take more control over this stubborn hair type.  Although braiding techniques usually require small, tight, precise movements, braided hair styles are very comfortable.  When you braid your hair in this way, it is less likely to get tangled.  Obviously this saves you from the frustration and physical pain of dealing with messy, tangled hair.

Many African Americans also like braids because you can use them as a basis for an infinite number of hair styles.  One of the most basic styles of braids is called cornrows.  This is a small, tight braid that starts close to the scalp.  In the simplest form, you can just braid them straight and pin them down.  However, many people appreciate the fact that you can also use them as the base for much more ornate designs.  You can literally create a nearly endless amount of hairstyles just using cornrows as a base.
Braiding is also convenient because it allows you to add extensions to your hair.  If you have thinning hair, this is a safe and effective alternative to taking supplements or medicines to try to get your hair to grow back.  This works for both men and women.  Extensions also allow you to add more color tones to your hair, which help to create more depth, more body, and more character.

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