Ludacris Cornrows Are My Favorite

If you like Ludacris cornrows then you probably have a great deal of respect for professional hairstylists.  That is because intricate braid work, like that which is necessary to make cornrows, is definitely an art form.  In fact you might even make an argument that it is one of the earliest art forms, since some evidence suggests that it has been around since 500 B.C.  This argument is well supported with evidence found in hieroglyphs and sculptures from Nigeria, Egypt, and Africa.  You are probably familiar with the most famous example:  The Sphinx!

History aside, cornrows are very common today.  This is probably because the world of entertainment plays host to many people who use this traditional form of expression in order to establish their own identity.  Although the technique to making cornrows never changes, these tight braids can be worn in any number of ways, providing almost an endless array of hair styling possibilities.  In ancient times, these differences were often exclusive to a particular clan, family, or community.  This means that you could identify where a person came from simply by the braids in their hair, or perhaps because they may have shells or beads in their hair.

Obviously, these cultural practices are more about personal expression these days than familial identity.  At the same time, you could easily make the argument that using beads and braids is a way to stay in touch with historical roots, as well as a method of self-expression.  It is certainly a major component the black entertainment industry—namely musical genres like hip-hop—as well as something that is easy to recognize in professional sports too.

In case you aren’t familiar with cornrows, they are small, tight braids that start close to the scalp.  Using an upward, underhand motion, the braid continues out, of course, until the end of the hair strand.  They can be kept very simple, like traditional braids which you might see in other cultures.  They can also be made into very ornate designs.  It all really depends on your personal preferences.
Typically, it is better to see a professional if you want to get cornrows braided into your hair.  This is due to the fact that it is a process that can be very time consuming, even when done properly.  In fact, you may need to visit a salon more than once just to finish the job, but it is usually worth the effort and the price.

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