Black braided Mohawk hairstyles

Black braided Mohawk hairstyles is an article about another hairstyle, different from wave hair, cornrows and dreadlocks.

Some time ago, Mohawk styles, the style left an unforgettable strip of hair exactly on the middle of your hair, was associated with teenagers, punk rockers, rough crowds and very often it was blamed by society. The things have changed since those times and nowadays. Mohawk style is trendy and preferred by many common people and celebrities.

It’s a trend preferred by both women and men. And a well realized Mohawk hairstyle can make a person to look fabulous. Even if it is still looked as an extreme style, more and more men and women choose it. It is also difficult to create. There are a few to sorts of Mohawk hair styles – a standard one, knotted Mohawk, curly braided Mohawk, but of course, inventiveness is free here and everyone can create his own Mohawk style.

What does this style consist of? Well, the hair at the sides is cut short, very short and sometimes it is shaved completely. On the middle of the hair it remains a stripe of longer hair. This long hair can have different lengths. And from now it is creativity turn to make from this long hair the most incredible hair dresses.

This hairstyle requires hard texture hair or curly hair. But the help of appropriate hair products, it can be styled on very type of hair.

Another method to obtain this hair dress is to turn the side hair into vertical cornrows instead to shave it. So, tomorrow you can return to your usual hair style if Mohawk one was only an attempt or a choice for an evening.

You can choose a provocative Mohawk style or a soft one. This depends on your native nature and on your temper. But no matter which one you chose, you must take into account hot it isn’t very easy to get this style. You must have some experience in hair dress work and know exactly what you have to do. If you haven’t any experience in this domain, it’s advisable to go to a professional and let him do his job. In this way you can be sure you’ll not regret the decision to have a Mohawk hair style.

The long stripe of hair can be styled and colored in different way. It can be curled or, on contrary, it can be straight. You have a lot of options you can experiment. You can do patterns of hair, braids, cornrows; you can color the hair in different color natural or provocative ones. The differences depend on you and your creativity.

If you can’t do this hair style yourself, then a hair stylist is on your disposition. Tell him what you want and the work is half done.

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  • wat r the name of those conrows on the side? r they called the basket or something of that sort?

  • hey these hair styles are rocking good and I think they are so good looking I think I would look good with one of these styles

  • what type of hair do u use for mohawk braids if i want it to look like the 5 picture( the middle picture in the second row)

  • hiyas, i found this page and i’m really really loving it. now i’m looking at these and my two favortives so fair is the curly two tone mohawk/Flo hawk, with the braids along the sides. and the second being the relaxed mohawk/flo hawk on the last picture. what are some of the things they used to get these results, i’m hoping to do the same to my hair within the next two weeks, wish me luck ^_^

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