Black Mohawk Hairstyles

Black Mohawk hairstyles are based on the ideas that derive from the Native American Mohican tribe.  This style is characterized by a nearly bald head with a large spike going down the center from front to back.  It was a style that was very popular during the rise of punk music as it was seen as rebellious, dangerous, and outlandish.  Many people colored their Mohawk hairstyle outrageous colors like bright blue, pink, green, orange, or purple.  Of course, this style is not so common in society anymore, at least as a lifestyle choice.

If you are considering this style, you need to know that it is not something that is easy to maintain.  You need to find a good stylist who understands how to form it and who can explain to you how to best and most efficiently care for it.

To create the Mohawk hair style, a stylist basically collects the hair that will be used for the Mohawk and clips it up aside so the rest of your hair can be removed.  This is often a two part process which involves cutting or clipping it short and then using a straight razor or a manual shaving razor to remove the rest of your hair leaving a clean, smooth scalp.  The remaining hair, then, is styled with mousse and gels and other products, in a way that it continues to hold its shape and can stand at four or even as high as ten inches from your head!

Traditionally, Mohawk hairstyles stood very high.  To get the hair to stand this high and behave this way a twist technique was used at the base and gel was applied to the top.  Usually, though it didn’t always stay up, completely, as the front would often curl down.  This is not very practical in today’s world, so the modern Mohawk is usually shorter than six inches, which is still quite attention-getting.

Because the Mohawk style is so distinct, you can also attempt to use it in combination with other techniques.  This is what is most common today, the fusing of different styles to create unique ideas that are interesting and attractive.

Sometimes, you may have to use other styling products in order to get your hair to behave in a way that you can manage.  This may require relaxers, detanglers, and moisturizers, as well as gel, pomade, sculpting paste, mousse, and conditioners.

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