Black hair styles for men with curls

Black hair styles for men with curls seem very limited.  Obviously, when you have curly hair, there is only so much that you can do, naturally, to style your hair in different ways.  Many stylists would agree that men and women have similar options when it comes to methodology for styling hair, which is very good because it means that you will not need to see a specialist, per se.

If you have curly hair, though, there are basically two ways to go about styling your hair.  First of all, you can embrace your natural curls and use a style that best suits or accentuates its body.  Of course, this is the most practical way to go about it, but it is not necessarily the most creative or the most interesting.

If you just want to get a nice, smooth, clean look, many stylists will recommend pomade.  You can easily find the best brands at a salon or even the barber shop.  Of course, you can also get it at department stores.  This is not quite like a gel.

In fact, pomade comes in a few different consistencies.  Generally, though, it is similar to a gel in that it helps to hold shape.  Unlike a gel, though, the best pomades typically leave no grease or clumps behind.

Of course, you can always cut your hair even shorter.  For instance, you can just buzz it all off, or trim it down until it resembles something that is similar to a fade.  This is perhaps the easiest hair style to cut as well as maintain as you don’t have to do anything to it unless you choose to keep it longer than usual.

You might also consider a style called the “Jude Low.”  This is a cut that starts with tapered sides that is just long enough for the natural curl to take shape.  This is a very clean and trim look that is easy to maintain simply because you can air dry it.  You can use a little styling mousse if you want to add some body or you can use gel to get it to stay in a particular style.

As you can see, a good stylist who knows how to use a pair of scissors, an electric clippers, and a host of styling products will be able to help you achieve the short, curly hairstyle that is right for you.

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