Black Girl Hairstyles For Short Hair

If you are trying to find black girl hairstyles for short hair, you need to understand that short hair is often difficult to style, especially for people of African descent.  African hair is notoriously coarse and kinky, which makes it hard to style in ways that are very easy for people with straight and fine hair.  However, there are still things that you can do to create options and versatility for your child.

Before you can choose the proper hairstyle, though, it might be wise to remember that children are usually very active throughout the day.  Whether they are old enough to go to school or they spend your working hours at a daycare, there are many things that they will do throughout the day.  You want a hairstyle that is practical and can accommodate the many activities your child might participate in.

Even if your son or daughter isn’t playing directly in a sandbox or in the yard, they will get dirty.  As such, they will also probably pass their hands through their hair, clearing it from the eyes or what not.  This transfers soil, dirt, dust, allergens, and oils into the hair; all things that can make it more difficult to style.

Once you understand all of this, you can make a more appropriate decision regarding how to style your child’s hair.  While you want her to look nice, you also want her hair to stay that way.  If you know that she is particularly active, for instance, you might want to go with something that is not very time consuming to create since it will probably come out anyway.  A ponytail, for instance, is very practical.

At the same time, tight braiding doesn’t have to come out every day, which means you can invest a couple of hours on one given day every couple of weeks or so and get cornrows or braids put in.  This can often be even more practical because you won’t have to style her hair anymore, unless of course she wants to use the braids as a base for something more elaborate.

You can also use relaxer, detangler, and straighteners to get kinky, wiry hair to behave like the more manageable straight and fine hair.  Products like these that are designed for kids are safe and effective.  When you use them, you will be able to do more interesting things with your daughter’s hair.

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