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Black Hair Shedding In Long Strands

Black Hair Shedding in Long Strands addresses to those persons who like to wear their hair long. This article wants to bring to their attention a few important things they must take into account.

Shedding and breaking are two different terms tied to every person hair. It is important to know what every process means and what the difference between them is.

Well, the first term refers to that process when hair “goes to sleep”. There are periods of time when hair stops growing because of a few causes: pregnancy, stress, birth control and different pills). The phenomena can be explained so: follicles are in a transition phase, from growing to resting. There is a growing process that takes place in cycles. When a thread of hair is shed another takes his place from the same follicle. Fifty to one hundred threads of hair shedding a day are a normal process of the hair growing. Shedding is not a perm process, it ends at a moment and everything is ok.

Breaking is a more dangerous process. Breaking hair doesn’t come directly from a follicle and it isn’t a natural process. Breaking is caused by many factors too. Hair suffers a lot when it is treated with many chemicals. If you use bad quality shampoos, conditioners the effect is hair breakage. A bad care is another cause. If you forget that your hair needs a good and deep and regularly moisture, the effect can be this. Treatments with hot oils applied too often or inappropriately have the same effects.

A black hair person must not forget that her hair is a sensitive one, that because of its texture is exposed to drying more than other types of hair and it needs a special treatment regularly. If this person respects some important tips that are not difficult to do, then her hair will be always healthy and good looking.

How can somebody can do the difference between stranding and breaking?

It is easy to do this. Watch carefully the thread of hair. If it has its entire length and at an end you can see a white bulb, this means good news: it is about stranding and the process is temporary. If the hair is shorter than its natural length it means that something wrong happened and it is better to go and see a specialist.

Hair can be everybody’s visiting card, so we must take a great care of it.

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