Black Hair Styles in 1990’s

Black hair styles in 1990’s reflect many different sensibilities that were current at that time as well as some that have always been timeless.  Fashion is interesting in that way: it can be both old and new at the same time.  Fashion is also cyclic.  What was once old always seems to become fashionable again a few years later.  Accordingly, what was becoming stylish in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s again started to find its way into 90’s culture.

90’s fashion was categorized by many transitional phases.  It was quite a revolutionary time in America, and sensibilities seem to reflect that.  As the last decade of the millennium, there seemed to be an essence of restoration, of holding onto the good things of the past.  This seemed to highlight the eclectic styles of yesteryear.

Television was really coming into its own as both an information and entertainment source.  People were finally able to really bring the world into their living rooms.  This exposed them to different cultures, therefore fashion sense.  Along with this fashion sense came also new ways to approach hair.   Women wanted to model their own hair after popular hairstyles that they have seen worn by female characters in their favorite television show.

Layering was popular in the 90’s.  Short and choppy styles that utilize many layers were common.  They highlighted or framed the face in way that had never been done before.   This was often used as a base for other styles too.

Blonde was a popular hair color of the time.  Even women with naturally dark hair attempted to go blonde.  Perhaps this was due to a certain youthful energy that surged through the country during the 90’s.  Of course, this created all kinds of new complications for women with dark hair, as they would need to use chemicals to lighten their hair first.  These chemicals were often dangerous and reduced the integrity of strength of the hair follicles.

Other popular styles include those related to the afro, finger waves, wigs, and high top fades.  Also, hair styles that were asymmetrical, snappy, and bob were vogue, since fashion was starting to become more of an accessible art to more people.
If you look around, these days, a similar reawakening is occurring.  Many of these hairstyles are coming back, albeit in new form.  Styles are changing and the avant garde is in fashion, which opens up many more avenues to explore.

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