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Black hair styles Philadelphia have seen a recent resurgence in the past dozen years or so.  An increased interest in natural hairstyles and natural products may be largely responsible for this awakening.  These natural hair styles have gained more exposure because athletes and celebrities have been wearing them for some time now.  Of course, since they are in wide distribution on television, people all over the world have seen some of the intricate work they have been able to produce with their hair.  These hair styles include cornrows, braids, twists, crops, and locks.

Philadelphia is a particularly interesting city when it comes to hair because they host the International Locks Conference every year.  The purpose of this convention is to celebrate the beauty of natural black hair.  Over the course of the weekend, visitors attend this conference to see expositions of health and beauty products, accessories, and new styling options.  You can visit a booth to learn solely about products or you can see a demonstration.  You can also learn about ways that you can change your lifestyle to improve the health of your hair, through diet, healing circles, and other things.

For many African Americans, hair style is not just a simply aesthetic or professional choice.  It can also be something that you use to help support your character.  Hair style can be something you use to help define who you are as well as communicate the love of your culture.  Many black hairstyles, for example, are based on traditional, ancient African techniques that were used to define families, religion, region of habitation, culture, or even political orientation.

In Philadelphia this is certainly the standard.  Many people here would argue that hair represents 75% of your personality.  While this is certainly subjective, it is difficult to argue with the beautiful and ornate designs that are behind many black hairstyles.  They are often the center of many conversations, whether because they are interesting or just plain larger than life.  Messy and tangled hair is simply considered unacceptable.  You need to look approachable, clean, neat, professional, or at least organized and presentable if you want to command respect from people that you meet.

These specifications, though, are not necessarily dependent on formality.  Whether you wear casual or professional clothing and hair styles, the main focus is that you look healthy, successful, and approachable.  Obviously, then, it is also important to wear a hairstyle that is versatile and usable in different environments.

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