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The black hair weave styles short is an art of braiding that has deep roots in Ancient African history.  Since the beginning of the civilization, braiding was used as a way to express religion, politics, and familial relation.  Of course, in modern society that is still relevant but it used more now as a way to express personal style and character.

The weave hair style is quite versatile, so there are many different things that you can do with it.  For black hair, learning it is an essential skill that will grant you many style options.  Whether your hair maintains the traditional characteristics or something else; whether it is short or long, you can usually find something that you will love using a weave technique.

Basically, the weave styles are simply a braid that also incorporates additional hair that is not your own.  This can be a synthetic addition or a natural one.  Although this idea is very simple, you need to use a gentle hand to braid these additions in, especially if the scalp is weak.  You can braid any size you wish and it will usually depend on the hair style that you are trying to accomplish.

While cornrows are perhaps the most common type of braid, they can take many hours to finish.  Weaves, on the other hand do not, and they are less expensive because of this.  This makes them ideal for both formal occasions as well as for school and work.  If you are trying to go out on a budget but you still want to dress up, this is certainly a worthwhile option to consider.

You may also like weaves because they can allow you to add color, volume, length, and texture to your hair without having to wait for it to grow and without having to tease it or use harsh chemicals.  African hair is already naturally kinky and dry, so if you can avoid anything that will make this worse, it is a good idea.

After your extensions are woven into your hair, the next thing that you need to do is secure them so that they don’t come undone prematurely.  Stylists will often use tape, hair glue, or pins to hold your hair down.  When the night is over, you can simply wash it out and go back to your original hair style!  Don’t forget to condition and moisturize your hair and scalp too.

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