Black Hairstyles Straw Set Curls


The black hairstyles straw set curls is an interesting way to dress your hair.  If you are trying to dig your way through mountains of photographs and concepts for hair styling, this basic style may be a good place for you start.

Straw set curls are a hair style that gives you the chance to wear your natural hair in a slightly sophisticated way.  However, this style is also very practical, which makes it efficient and accessible too.  Because it does not require any heat or hard pulling or tight weaving, it is safe for your hair, in that you are at a lower risk for damaging your hair with this hairstyle.  Of course, the lack of heat and pulling also means less pain for you too, which is always good.

Straw set curls are very good for African American hair.  Black hair is naturally very dry, and therefore weak, so it is easily susceptible to breakage and other damage.  This means that using heated curlers and chemical treatments can be difficult for your hair to handle.  Straw set curls do not use heat or any chemicals, so they are a perfect method for getting the look you want, even with sometimes very stubborn African hair

Because straw set curls don’t require all of this special salon equipment and treatments, they are quite inexpensive.  If you need to style your hair and you are on a tight budget, this is definitely an option that you will want to consider.

Like most hair styles, in order to get these straw set curls, you must first clean your hair.  This involves the simple process of shampooing and conditioning.  It is also often a good idea to moisturize your hair.  Even though you will not be subjecting your follicles to the normal stressors of hair styling, it is still good for your hair and scalp.

When it comes to drying your hair, however, you also have a couple of options.  First of all, you could towel dry, which is usually the most efficient because it gives you the most control over how dry your hair gets.  You could air dry too, but that usually takes too long.  You could also use an electric blow dryer, but sometimes these can be too hot and do not always offer superior control, which means you could end up damaging your hair very quickly without even knowing it!

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