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There are many black hairstyles twisties that women can use to styles their hair.  Long or short, colored or natural, your hair is an extension of your personality.  You should wear your hair in a way that is fitting to your personality and makes a strong statement about who you are.

Twists are a good choice for many women for many reasons.  First of all, they are suitable to all types of hair textures, which is particularly good for African American women.  This is true because African hair is naturally coarse and wiry.  This means that it can be difficult to style African hair, at least according the Western methods that most people use.

Twists give you a lot of advantages because they are simple but durable.  They are easy to make and they hold their shape, which is usually very important because no woman wants her to fall flat in the middle of the day!  Similarly, you can use twists to make a sophisticated and elegant style, or one that is simple and down to earth.

It is often easier to make twists with wet or damp hair then with dry hair, and long hair is better than short.  You can start with a holding or setting lotion, applying it to each section of hair that you intend to twist.  Narrow twists are best because they create a strong visible effect and they last for a long time.  Short hair leads to thin twists which is an undesirable result.

If you have black hair and you want to try a twist hairstyle, it might be wise to not only grow your hair out relatively long, but you may also want to try and straighten your hair too.  This is usually recommended for many hairstyles that are available to African Americans.

You can use extensions, too, if you need to make your hair longer.  Extensions are fun because you can choose a color that is in sync with your natural hair color or you can choose something that is complementary.  This can also help to create more layers and body with your hair too.  It doesn’t matter whether you use natural or synthetic hair extension as long as whatever you use matches your hair effortlessly.

As you can see, twisties offer many options for hair styling, particularly for African Americans, whose kinky, coarse hair is often difficult to deal with.

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  • theses are some nice hairstyles but i was looking for a twisty mohawk people. godly! why is that so hard

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