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It is a pretty well-known fact that you need black kids hair products that are made a certain way because of the special nature of African hair.  If your child has hard to manage hair, then you may want to look into one of these products because they can probably help.   You will need something that is not only a gentle cleanser, but something that can also moisturize and detangle.  You need something that helps to condition the hair.  You need something that will ensure that your children’s hair will not fray or split.  After all, African hair is notoriously dry and coarse.

While this is certainly true, it is not easy to remedy.  You cannot simply style black hair and hope it all works out for the best, because it usually does not.  Unfortunately, you have to treat African hair with a very particular kind of care.  Wash it too much and it can dry out.  Don’t wash it enough and the dirt and grease can build up very easily and very quickly, which also causes damage.  Similarly, you need to moisturize and condition regularly, especially if you plan to style consistently.

You can see how tangled it is simply by running your fingers or a comb through it.  For your child, it is usually better to use your fingers because you have more control over the speed and strength that you use.  You need to be gentle because your child will not appreciate you pulling their hair.  Of course, nobody likes that!  It is best to do this when the hair is wet, so after a wash is a good idea.

You can also spray it with water and then try to comb it.  At the same time, you should not try to brush and style hair when it is wet because black hair is more vulnerable to damage when it is wet.  If it is too wet, then a quick blow dry with an electric air dryer should do the trick.

Although it should go without saying, you should avoid using chemical treatments on children under 12.  As you can probably imagine, this can cause damage to their hair, but also to their scalp.  You cannot know for sure what type of damage this can cause a young child since these products are designed for adults.  You can, however, use things like braids and extension to get more color or body if you wish.

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