Black Micros Hair Styles

Black micros hair styles are very delicate.  If you think you might want to style your hair in this way there are many things that you need to understand or you could end up wasting a lot of time and money.

Micro braids are, as their name suggests, a form of braiding that is very small.  The braid work is so small, in fact, that they may look like normal strands of hair.  Upon closer examination, though, you will see that are indeed long braids that are woven from only a few strands of hair.

Obviously, forming these braids takes a long time, which is why you need to understand how they are used.  Otherwise you will have spent many hours at the salon for nothing.  However, when you do understand how to use them, these are hours are well worth it.

Like most braid work, micro braids can be left in for a few weeks at a time.  This means that while it may take a few sessions to finish the job completely, and therefore couple of days, you will not need to go revisit a salon for nary a month; barring, of course, visits for special shampoos conditioning treatments.

Since this kind of work does indeed take many hours to finish, it can result in a large expenditure.  Again, though, since you will not have to schedule another salon visit for a month, it is a worthwhile investment.

All of that aside, you will need to make sure that you keep your hair and scalp fully moisturized and conditioned.  You can do this at home with many convenient products but the best work is always performed at the salon.  You can relax while they administer a necessary hot oil treatment, which helps to strengthen your hair as well as improve its ability to retain water.

This helps you avoid dehydration.  Avoiding dehydration is important because without the proper moisture retention, hair loses its elasticity and buoyancy.  It will become weak and brittle and more vulnerable to breakage.  African American hair is naturally more coarse and kinky as well as dry, so when you try to perform special hairstyles on hair like this it is even more important to ensure that it will not break or dry out.  When all is said and done, and it comes time to remove the braids a month or so later, you can try to unravel them.  Many people find it easiest just to shave their head and start fresh.

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