Black Kids Hairstyles Braids

Black kids hairstyles braids are perhaps the most practical style choices that you could consider when it comes to your African American child’s hair.  Since you must take into account that their hair is very fragile and that there are a limited amount of things that you can do for their hair, it is important to embrace those that are truly effective.  Unfortunately, black hair has some characteristics that make it difficult to style, at least according to the methods used in Europe and North America.

Traditionally, African hair is very coarse, dry, and porous.  This means that it dries out very quickly and is more susceptible to fraying and breakage, drying and splits.  These are serious problems that cause far more than frustration in your life.  In fact, problems with styling your hair can be a real headache.

Hairstyles for children must be cute, easy to wear, easy to maintain, and easy to administer.  A child’s hair style needs to take into account the texture of their hair as well as the thickness.  You also need to be aware of the strength of the hair and how porous it is.  You should also look at how it forms around or frames the face.  Kids’ styles should open up or accentuate their face so that you can see their shining smile and inquisitive eyes.  Also, you want to keep their hair out of their face because children get really annoyed when they have to keep moving their hair out of their eyes.

There are a lot of hair braids that are suitable for children.  These include full braid, partial braids, dread locks, cornrows, twists, and ponytails.  Any one of these braids can be very effective in styling black hair because they work around the detriments that naturally exist in black hair.  Since black hair is naturally curly and kinky, you cannot style it like regular straight hair.  These styles take advantage of their curly nature of black hair.

No matter which of these you choose, there is a process that you need to follow to ensure the most effective hair style and the strongest results.  Of course, you will need to make sure that their hair is clean.  This involves not only shampoo, but also conditioner and perhaps moisturizer and detangler too.  Once their hair is clean, you need to brush or comb it out, but you want to make sure that their hair is still a little damp when you do so.

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