Black Men Cornrow Hairstyles

Black Men Cornrow Hairstyles are pretty hot even though it takes much maintenance to keep them looking good including line-ups at the barber shop.

Cornrows were very popular among the peoples on the African continent. They have survived for centuries. This stile was brought in United States by the enslaved Africans and it is a distinctive sign of their origin. The style becomes popular again at late 60’ and early 70’ as a part of Black Nationalist Movement.

Cornrows are still popular nowadays. They are worn both by women and men. Especially men that prefer their hair long are the best fans of this hairstyle. Because black hair is naturally curled, and its texture is special, it fits perfectly to this style.

Generally speaking long hair requires a lot of pain to take care for it. The longer the hair is the most difficult is to keep it in a good shape. First of all, long hair is more inclines to get dry much easier, it tangles and it requires much time to be untangled brushed and washed and the every day hair dress is difficult and requires a lot of patience and skills. If the texture of the hair is naturally fizzy or curled, the things become more difficult and annoying. So, the cornrows seem to be created exactly to get rid of the unpleasant aspects of long hair care.

There are a lot of cornrows styles and designs. There are basic braids, used more on the front of the head or the braids based on different patterns. Micro braids are another variety of this style and it is formed from very small braids that are braid on the back of the hair.

Cornrows style can mix different cornrows styles in very complicated patterns with amazing results. In such cases they can be called art works and not a hairstyle.

We must add some details regarding them. Cornrows can be fit for everybody. As long as the face form and the texture of the hair were taken into account, everyone can think to try this style. If your hair is too short for a cornrow, you can use extensions and the problem is resolved. If you opt for cornrows with very difficult patterns like different shape combination’s or geometric patterns, hair must be longer than it is necessary for common cornrows. Whether some of them can be done home, the most of them, especially the complicated patterns, require a stylist’s experience and skills. And you must have in your mind the fact that they might need a lot of time until they are braid-some last even 4-5 hours and other can require a few weeks work of many stylists. Of course the latter ones are based on very difficult patterns.

What style and pattern will be depends on every man. But whatever they’ll be, the neat and sexy look is assured.

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