Black Mohawk Hair Styles

Black Mohawk hair styles are very popular because they are characterized by features that are very distinctive.  Also known as the Mohican hairstyle because it was traditionally worn by members of that tribe it is most recognizable by a shaved scalp and a tall spike that runs from front to back down the center of the scalp.

Obviously, this is a style that was once primitive and functional.  If you have ever seen a Mohawk, then you know how aggressive it appears.  Perhaps that is why it was popular during the punk movement of the 1980’s.  This movement was very anti-establishment and aggressive, so the Mohawk was a very fitting hairstyle for people involved with this movement to wear.

As you can probably imagine, the Mohawk hairstyle is very difficult to form and maintain.  With the side of the head completely shaved, you already know that there will be a great deal of upkeep.  This is extremely important because if you aren’t willing to commit to the maintenance requirement, this hairstyle will literally go flat before long and then where would you be?

The challenge of the Mohawk style is that you need to be able to control your hair in a very particular way.  Obviously, some hair is easier to deal with than others.  African American hair, for instance, is naturally porous, dry, and kinky, which means that you will first have to straighten it and strengthen it if you want it to obey the requirements of the Mohawk.  You will likely need to use relaxers, conditioners, and moisturizers, and perhaps something that helps to prevent tangling.

Setting up a Mohawk hairstyle requires a lot of brushing.  You need to train your hair to stand up straight and in a collective way.  It won’t stand up on its own, so of course you will also need to use products that help to stiffen or gel.  These include mousse, gel, pomade, and sculpting pastes.

If you want to do something more, you can also use a standard Mohawk as a canvas for color.  Form your spikey shape and then you can add streaks of color or other designs.  Most people who choose to do this like to use bright colors like azure, pink, orange, and green.  This is often a good idea if you are really pursuing something that draws attention and makes a statement.  This gives you a lot more options to play around with.

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