braiding boys hair

Is braiding boys hair a good thing or a bad thing in the African American Community? Okay don’t roast me for giving my opinion on this one okay!

Here we go. I think that right now it’s a bad thing. Sure it makes it easier on a parent because you save a couple of dollars from not having to get their hair cut every week but let’s dig a little deeper.

Unfortunately as boys and NOT men they play ruff and they don’t really know how to maintain the braided hairstyle which ends up frayed and looking wild. This begins to make them look a little thuggish when attending school or other public functions and that’s just NOT good.

Plus you have have a large number of Rap artist who wear them and are consistently portraying themselves as THUGS to the general public which is a direct hit on our younger men. The consequences are hardcore too, especially in the education system.

I’m speaking from first hand. The above picture is my son who has had braids but is sporting Twist in this image. Yeah, it’s cute but that only lasted for about 4 days before it was Thug Nation.

In closing if you have the time to really engage the responsibilities of up-keeping braids then I say go for it. However, if you have seen or experienced what I’m saying then just get them a nice faded haircut from the local barber.

Sorry for the rant…LOL.

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  • i like the different designs of mens braids.
    i want to ask can see send me subscripion with just different braiding styles for mens can you do that for me

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