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Braids Cornrows Plaits

Braids cornrows plaits are in some of the best hair styles today. By definition, you can say that cornrows are plaits that are braided to your scalp. You for sure can say that cornrows are a style or hairdo today and plaits there are techniques for doing them. In order to find more about the different styles of braids, you need to stay tune to this article.

Cornrows can be call flat or trait braids, which is the same meaning. Cornrows started in Africa during the older days.  The women started this style, because it was one of the best ways to keep their hair maintained. Less problems with the hair being messed up from rain, weather or even wind.  Today, we use these hairstyles with men and women. To get them done, you can go to the nearest barber or do them yourself.


You might find that braided cornrows provide a very good style that catches many eyes and could get you a date! There are many different geometric shapes and dynamic designs that could be engraved in the hair. The tradition style of cornrows is a seemingly perfect line of braided hair that runs from the front to the back of your head. Some cornrows designs can take up to two to six hours and last anywhere from four to six weeks. A healthy head of hair is almost required to keep cornrows without possibly damaging you hair.

In short braiding is the twisting together of three different strands of hair. The fun thing about braids is the fact that you have so many options to choose from when trying to get braids. With styles like English braids, the French braid, and many more your imagination is your only limit if there is a braiding design you have been thinking about.


Plaits and cornrows are both the same; you braid your hair down to the scalp with cornrows. Plaits are used by everyone and across the world as well. We design our hair everyday and before we sleep at night. Also, you will find that this hairstyle helps you when you swim to keep your hair healthy and dry quicker. You will find that this hairstyle is famous amongst most singers and famous actors. If you plan on styling your hair like this, you need to find a professional in order to make sure you get it done correctly.

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