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Human hair European hair for women is very good hair. A lot of companies will advertise that they sell European human hair, but you must be cautious when buying human hair. Be sure that it hasn’t been processed because if it has it can no longer be considered pure natural one hundred percent European human hair.

Real virgin European human hair usually comes from Russia, Moldova, Belarus, and the Ukraine. It should not come from India or Asia. If so you know it is not real virgin European hair. The virgin hair has a natural wave to it. The texture remains nice and smooth with no tangles through out wear. Virgin European human hair is usually taken from healthy young women. It is not dyed, permed, or chemically processed in any manner. Absolutely perfect quality.

A good hair collecting company will only collect hair that is silky, heavy and bulky. Our hair cuticles grow in a certain pattern and if the cuticles of the hair are turned in the opposite direction the hair mats and gets tangled. The hair may start off human virgin hair, but a lot of these big companies have factories that process the hair.

During the processing the hair is handled by many hands. It goes through a lot of different treatments. Through out all that processing and hand swapping by the time it is wefted for weaving or put together for a wig the cuticles are all over the place. Then we go to the store and see the hair, think it looks and feels nice. Only to get our hair done and midway through the style wear time your hair is all tangled up, shedding, and being a complete annoyance.

If you are looking to get the best in European human hair you will want virgin hair, which means you will be placing an order with a company online, unless someone local is placing orders for you. Either way you are going to need to give a sample of the color you would like your hair to be. It may take up to ten attempts to get the color you wish, which can be a time consuming process. Hence a portion of the reason such good hair comes at a little higher price. The wear however that you will get out of such a good quality of hair will be undeniably worth it.

Human hair and European hair for women of all types is what all weave wearers ultimately want. There are so many options out there of companies to choose from. Remember the choice is all in all yours.

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